Day: September 25, 2011

The 4 Cards Before Me

4 Cards lay before me and instead of looking at them separately, I will give you the message they give us together as a whole.

The cards before me are:  Security, Fertility, Endurance and Integrity

When we feel secure we are more fruitful in our actions. We do more and accomplish more when we feel that we are in our safe place.

Then moving on to endurance, we are given a message to not let the fires within us go completely out. They may be doused a bit but the embers continue to glow and burn inside us. This tells us that we have what it takes to endure whatever it is life throws at us.

When we have endured hardships we come out of it with much more than material things. We come out of it with knowledge, growth and the knowing that we can overcome.

One of the most important things we can do as we travel our path is to maintain our integrity. Nothing hurts our souls and our growth as much as not acting with integrity.  You have to be your own judge of character and as the old saying goes,  “do unto others…” if you follow that rule… you surly cannot go wrong.


Many Blessings,

The Path Alone

WP_20140521_037Today I feel inclined to speak a bit about the road of life we each walk (Our Path).

I know some are having a tough time dealing with the lonliness you feel on your path. The truth is each path is a lonely one. We each have our own individual path to travel. Some paths may be similar but we all walk our own.

When there are things going on in our lives to keep us busy and preoccupied we don’t notice much about how alone we are on the path.

When things are calm and quiet,  you notice that yes indeed this path is yours and yours alone and there is no one else who can walk  that path for you. That is when those feelings of lonliness overcome us and we begin to feel isolated.

Try and change the way you see it. When those feelings come about it also means there is no chaos in your life and that you are simply at a point on your path of quiet calm and peace. Which is one of the things we strive for… so push those feelings of lonliness to the
side and enjoy the peace and quiet. Feel the blessing of not having the chaos to deal with. Enjoy this break.

Many Blessings,


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