Day: September 11, 2011

Wind Dancer – Stained Glass Panel

Wind Dancer

Last weekend I started a new stained glass piece titled : Wind Dancer

She is so near being finished now.. This weekend I was able to get her all pieced togather … now all she needs is some putty.. some patina, polish and framing.

Here’s a short video of my progress 🙂 ENJOY!

Time for Appreciation

Today being 9-11, I thought this would be fitting.

Take some time today to think about all the things that made you laugh or smile. I bet most of those things had nothing at all to do with material possesions… but more likely they were acts of kindness, friendship, family bonding, and basic human interaction. Maybe it was finding your very first 4 leaf clover, or watching the sunset or rise.  Maybe it was the look on someone face when they had lost the plot and became confused… maybe it was your child’s first steps… whatever it was … I can almost guarantee it had nothing at all to do with something you “thought” you wanted or needed.. instead it was something that just came to you freely and without some supermarket price tag.

I’m not saying that life isn’t hard and that there are no tragedies.. today is a reminder that tragedy happens …. I’m simply saying to take a moment and appreciate all the little things in life that bring you unexpected joy.. take a moment to appreciate those around you … tell those close to you that you love them and appreciate them. Hug a whole lot more and complain a whole lot less.

Take time today to appeciate the fact that if nothing else in this world you still have life to live … and if you still have life you have dreams, hopes and possibilities.

Remember to take time daily for appreciating all the great gifts that have come your way. You just never know when one of those gifts will be gone.

Many Blessings,