Month: August 2011

Balance of the Good and the Bad

Today is a good day for me so it’s easy to say that we should take each day as it comes… look beyond the trauma, the stress, the pain and the sorrow and hold your focus on the horizon for the storms never last forever .. they move on quickly (tho it may not seem so) just like the weather.

These are easy words today … because for me at the moment anyway .. the weather is good. But, I have been through many storms and as I reflect back on those times… I have to say that it was keeping my focus on the horizon that got me through each moment of that storm.

In general I am a very positive person.. always looking at the good in everything. That character trait in me has often been the very thing that has gotten me mixed right into the middle of some really bad storms. My eyes, so focused on the positive and the good … that I completely overlooked the bad crap that was standing right in front of me.

So, in saying that … I have to say that we need to find a good balance between the two.

You can’t live your life always looking for that negative aspect of everyone and everything .. for thats all that your world will become.. one giant heap of negative CRAP! You also can’t just look at the positive in everyone and everything … because you will still find yourself deep in the crap.  But it would be unexpected crap and sometimes that can tear your world farther apart than always expecting the worst.

BALANCE is the key… I’m still working on that, myself.

It’s certainly not an easy task.. and I don’t have any clever wisdom that will suddenly make it all come into play…. but what I do know is that as long as you are aware of your own view of the world (yours and the world around you) then at least you are working on it and that is the first step forward.

Remember, you can’t just stop at acknowledgement … it has to be an on going task within yourself to see the whole picture every moment of every day.

Sounds exhausting, I know!

But really what we are talking about here is being awake and aware in this moment.. and this one.. and this one … and the next ..

Many Blessings and Good Luck on Your Journeys,

Believe in Your Own Truth

Spirit gives me but a single statement today: Believe in Your own Truth.

So I sit here and I ponder this statement for a moment ..

The world is vast with many different beliefs stretching from shore to shore… None superior to another. (Tho many will love to disagree)

It’s not a matter of who is right and who is wrong .. it’s a personal matter of what the truth is to you.

What feels right to you?
What resonates inside you … ringing out the tones of truth to your soul?

Whatever that is .. THAT is the truth. The truth for you and you alone.

THAT is your path .. stay true to it and it will stay true to you.

Many Blessings for a beautiful day,

That Wicked Witch and Her Wicked Ways

There’s that wicked witch working her wicked ways
Healing others with the words she says

Colored chords and candles castling light
People talk and rumors spread that she’s just not right

Casting into the heavens for dreams and wishes come true
They says she conjures and cooks up some sort of terrible brew

Misunderstood and shunned to always be alone
This wicked witch is surely evil, straight to the bone

The smiles, goodness and light, people rarely choose to notice
You see, this wicked witch has as many layers as the lotus

She protects, she heals and she cares
But all that they talk about is how she scares

Dare she own a pet, especially a cat that is black
For the stories will grow of how once she flew off into  the night like a bat

Herbs hanging around the kitchen walls
Oils on the shelves with her crystal balls

There is meaning behind every tools she owns
But what they say is .. she kills animals to keep their bones

You see, they know not of what they speak
Their ignorance makes them ever so gullible and weak

This wicked witch is not what they make her out to be
She is as gentle and caring as a warm summer breeze

She follows the moon as it begins to wax and wane
She’s not afraid to dance nor sing in the rain

Her life is filled with magic in every way
Deeds for the good are done day by day

Caring for the Earth and all it’s creatures
Come, take a closer look at her features

You’ll not see a warted nose upon her face
Only a gentleness within her eyes and a smile to take its place

So, when you hear of them speak of the wicked witch and her wicked ways
Remember the words within this phrase:

Harm none .. do as ye will
For this is the motto of a witch that is not a fairytale but 100% real!

Many Blessings,

~ Judge not others by what you “think” you know…..
~ For you never know when the day will come that you’ll find yourself eating a bit of crow!

Many Blessings,

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The Tuberose

There is this older gentleman in my office who has the greenest thumb I have ever seen. All the plants in the office were looking pretty sad until he came along and I swear it’s as if he waves a magic wand over them.. it seems as though over night they are the biggest brightest plants ever!

Well he grows Tuberoses and every year when they are in bloom he brings cuttings in for the  whole office to enjoy. As soon as one vase goes away .. another will take its place until they are no longer in bloom.

He could keep these beautifully scented treasures to himself but noooooooooo…. always thinking of others .. always wanting to share the beauty of his gift, he brings them into the office year after year.

I’ve only heard a handful of people ever thank him for what he does… and sooooooooooooooooo … I thought I would do a little something for him.. I’m terrible with plants ..LOL.. so I got my paint brush out today and attempted to do a tuberose painting for him. You can see below how it turned out.

I’m terrible when it comes to painting flowers … but thankfully this one didn’t turn out so bad :-)!

We’ll see if he likes it tomorrow when I go back to work.. 😐

Many Blessings,

Where the road takes us….

IMG_8415Spirit has been whispering in my ear this morning and leading me to write a bit about the road we travel…. bare with me, for sometimes when I get these type messages from Spirit .. I  seem to ramble…

Our roads are never perfectly clear from beginning to end and certainly not smooth …. along the way we are to encounter many obstacles .. it is not so much the obstacles that are important but how we handle these obstacles.

Each obstacle is an opportunity to learn and to grow.

At times our road may become dark and it will take a lot of inner strength to make it through.  This is where Spirit screams and shouts and wants me to make it clear to everyone that the path does not stay dark for too long, although at the time it may seem unending to the traveler.

The light will return … when it returns is entirely up to you.

You may not feel that it is in your control but Spirit urges me to say .. YES.. YES indeed it is.

The decisions you make along this path can keep you in the dark …. seemingly isolated, burdened and distressed. Spirit again urges me to make sure this is SEEMINGLY … not REALITY.

The reality is that there are other choices you can make that will take you out of the darkness much quicker.. though the choices may not be all that clear to you at the time .. they may “feel” impossible .. or they may “feel” harder than the choice you have currently made.

Stop! Calm Yourself… Focus.. then step back from your situation and look at it from other points of view.

Step outside of your own situation and imagine that it is someone else going through this dark period.. now think of what advice you would give that other person.

See? Things start becoming more clear to you. You see that there are other options. They may not be easy but they are there.

The important thing to know is that they are there… Think about this long dark road you are currently on. Now think of how hard it would be to continue down this road in the darkness for an undetermined amount of time… now think of those other options and though they may seem hard to commit.. once committed to finding another way .. you’ll find the darkness nothing more than a memory.

Whatever you do … do your best … mistakes will be made.. that is a given .. focus on doing your best and giving your best … mistakes are merely lessons for growth and knowledge.

Many blessings for a smoother journey,

Learning from Nature – The Birds

One of my favorite things to do is to sit out in nature and take in the beauty that surrounds us. Not only is it relaxing and beautiful.. there are many things we can learn from observation. Take a moment to enjoy this video slide show of photos I’ve taken of the birds in my very own back yard.  Below is a bit of information about some of our bird friends.

Information below comes from

The Hummingbird

Hummingbird a symbol for accomplishing that which seems impossible.
It can teach you how to find the miracle of joyful living in your own life.

Hummingbird medicine is herbal; it shows us how to use flowers for healing.
They teach us how to draw life essence from flowers and create your own medicines.

This totem reminds us to explore the past and extract the sweetness from it.
It can help you find joy and sweetness in any situation.
Grab joy as swiftly as you can.

The Cardinal
Cardinal reminds us that no matter what time of the day or year it is,
there is always the opportunity to recognize the importance of our life purpose.
They remind us to add “color” to our life and to remember that everything you do is important.

The Blue Jay
If you have a Blue Jay totem, you must learn to use your personal power properly. Be careful not to become a bully.

If Blue Jay is your totem, you may have tremendous abilities and potential, but you must learn not to be scattered and neglect to develop your abilities to their fullest. Blue Jay people can become dabblers – a little bit of knowledge about many things but master of none. Develop your gifts and you will have unlimited potential.

The Bluebird
Bluebird is a reminder that you are born to happiness and fulfillment,
but you can sometimes get so wrapped up in everyday things, that happiness seems rare.
Bluebird reminds you to take time to enjoy yourself.

Bluebird is symbolic of the need to work hard and play hard.
Be careful of shouldering too much responsibility.

The Finch
A Finch totem increases the opportunities to experience a variety of activities.
Everything is amplified.
There is a distinct possible of mingling with a wide variety of people and environments. Life will become more active after a Finch totem has arrived in your life.

The Chickadee
Chickadee is associated with the thinking process, higher mind and higher perceptions.
It is also associated with mystery and the feminine.
Chickadee can help you uncovering the mysteries of the mind.
With a Chickadee totem, you can perceive more clearly in the dark and understand higher truths.

For the Cherokee, Chickadee is the bird of truth.

The Robin
A Robin totem will stimulate new growth in all areas of your life.
Believe in yourself as you move forward.
Obstacles will fall by the wayside if you do and confrontations will be for show only.
This totem gives you the ability to will new growth into your life.
Meditate on Robin and the correct path will be revealed to you.

The Woodpecker
When a Woodpecker totem enters your life, it indicates that the foundation is there and it is safe to follow through. It will stimulate new rhythms. It reflects a wakening of new mental faculties.

You may be so wrapped up in mental and spiritual activities that you’ve neglected the physical.
Listen to your body’s rhythms and sounds and heed what it is telling you.

Many Blessings for a Great Day,


The thrill of a good scare!

Well.. I just can’t help myself.. I have to tell you all about one of my secret loves… ok well to some it’s not a secret .. hahahahaha

I absolutely LOVE scaring the crap out of people. I know .. crazy right??? LOL

I use to design and create and work in haunted  houses.. this began when I was a teenager .. I have always loved Halloween and would always go all out decorating and getting into character and ok so I still do …

Halloween is the one day of the year that you can become whatever in the world you wish to be and it’s ok! The weird looks and tilted heads are all part of it.

So now that you have a bit of the history I have to tell you about what just happened.. hee hee

I was standing on my back deck really quiet and still trying to capture some bird photographs. I had taken a few earlier this morning … and still had not gotten rid of the bug.. so I grabbed my camera and went back out to try and capture the humming birds playing in the back yard.

Suddenly this little girl comes riding through my yard on her bike.. completely unaware that I was standing there just a few feet from her on my deck. She gets near the edge of my property when she suddenly spots me. She does a double take.. stops and with a confused look on her face does a little wave. I’m still trying to be very still and quiet to capture the birds and so I slowly raise my hand to wave back without speaking a word. This really freaks her out and she nails it in high gear and takes off! hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa

You guys really should have seen her face… giggles…

I bet she thinks twice about taking the short-cut through our yard again! hahahahahaha

Not only did I get some great pics of the humming birds.. I scared the crap out of some kid..  can it get much better?? LOL

Happy Haunting!!

….And We Shall Celebrate!

For those of us who are the givers in this world.. remember to take some time for yourself…. it’s ok .. no reason to feel guilty for taking a moment for you … you are worthy and you deserve just as much as anyone else.


As the wind blows we shall embrace our freedom and we shall fly.

We shall explore all the wonders of not only life here on Earth but in the spirit world as well …

Most important we shall explore all the wonders of ourselves and we shall celebrate.

We shall swim the rivers within and splash around in all that we are and we shall celebrate.

We shall walk the many paths of who we are and frolic in the essence of self and we shall celebrate.

For we are worth celebrating.. even if no other cares –  we care and we celebrate our own being.

All life is sacred and should be celebrated and we shall not be left out for we are worthy!

This life is each our own and we shall celebrate .. we shall dance!
Many Blessings and Celebrations,

Finding Your Life Path

WP_20140521_037Finding your way or your life path….

Over the years I have seen the question come up many times .. “How do I know which path is the right path for me?”

I cannot tell you what path to follow or how to find your path but I can tell you how I found my own and continue rediscovering my way in this world.

It would be easy if all roads were paved and smooth and ran in a straight line to where you want to be …. But thats not really how it is .. the paths are not smooth and certainly not paved!!

I see our paths more like hiking trails up a very large mountain … the trails are our choices .. the things we take on.. the way we live our lives .. some head straight up the mountain and some curve around and around that mountain … some make loopty loos and take us in a few circles as we make our way to the top…

The Mountain is this lifetime … this Earthwalk

The top is where all the paths lead and where we all wish to find ourselves at the end of our journey.. at the top looking over all that we had accomplished… all that we had been through and all that we had survived.

Finding where you belong can be a very long and tricky road .. don’t expect to open a book and suddenly find your way and then again it could happen that way… you never know.

By reading about many different ways of life is a good way to begin finding out where you do or don’t fit in. It also opens your mind to ways you probably never thought of and yet possibly felt within.

Experience life ..

Go out and meet new people .. put yourself out there to take in all experiences ..

Most importantly learn to go within yourself and follow your heart.. your heart will always be true to you when the head might interfere.

I feel that life is a journey of exploration where we are constantly learning about who we are and where we wish to be. I, myself will continue rediscovering my path as I make my way up the mountain… over and over again.

I learned a long time ago not to expect things to stay the same.. and that change is inevitable. Change can be scary … not knowing whats around the corner is something that causes fear in many of us. The trick is not letting that fear stop you from experiencing what life has to offer.

I describe my own path as coming from everything .. from many ways of life .. I am not of one religion or belief … I am from all … My ancestors come from all over and in the many lives I have experienced and not all of the same place, religion or path.. I have been on many different trails up the mountain and from each I have taken something with me and from each I bring with me something special into this life ..

My path I have found is to live and enjoy the hike up the mountain … to honor and respect all that come to pass as I make my way and to continue living, loving and dreaming.

Many Blessings in finding your way,

Lost in his kiss….

Sigh…. It never gets old or common place.. that kiss…. when his lips touch mine I find myself lost in his kiss. You know how in those romantic movies the camera slows to focus on the couple locked in a magical kiss.. the camera zooms in on their faces and slowly encircles them as the background becomes fuzzy and fades away …. as if the world around them has completely disappeared… well that’s exactly how I feel every time my husband’s lips touch mine.

No matter what else in the world is going on … my worries and my stress lessen and I am lost in the magic of a single kiss. Moments I treasure … moments that stay with me long after they are gone.

Take time in your life to treasure those moments… a kiss, a warm embrace, a glance in your direction, a smile, a touch … time passes so quickly and our lives are filled with things to be done.. don’t let these small but priceless treasures get lost in the busy… busy .. hustle of  day to day living.

When those moments come … take in the moment and relish it … allow yourself to truly be in that moment and not elsewhere.

Many Blessings,

Quotes from the Sauna

Today was another great day .. after my workout .. off to the sauna I went to sweat for another 30 minutes.

This time in the sauna were two older gentlemen and they started telling me about this guy they know.. William Lee Golden … for those of you who don’t know who that is .. he was once a part of The Oak Ridge Boys … before the Oak Ridge Boys he was very well known for gospel music .. here’s a link to his website for those interested

Well… one of the guys in the sauna was telling me how great of a guy William is and how he looked at him as more of a wise sage.

He then gave me this quote that William had said to him one day and I said right away… THAT IS SO AWESOME! As soon as I get home I’m blogging this bit of great wisdom.. so .. sticking to my word.. here you go:

He was sitting with William one day at his house and it had been raining all day… he spoke up and said to William .. Boy, what a dreary day … at which point William slowly leaned back in his chair .. turned his head to look out the window and then said to this fella .. it may be dreary but if a painter had to paint it, he would still use color

Now tell me .. how great is that quote!!!!

Oh and here’s another one..

He and Mr. Golden were having a disagreement and the fella stormed off to his room but then felt bad and couldn’t sleep so went over to Mr. Golden’s room.. knocked on the door and appologized for shouting and storming off..

Mr. Golden’s reply was this: It’s ok… Sometimes you have to shout to be heard, you only lose when you walk away without a resolution.

sigh…. what great company I was in this evening in the sauna!

Many Blessings,


An Unexpected Break Through

me and mom

Ok so I’m sure this happens to everyone at some point and time.. you think you have gotten past something and BAM you realize that maybe you haven’t.

So I’m at the gym .. did my all time best on the bike today 10.69 miles in 35 minutes .. wooohoooooooooooo …. I’m hot and tired but feeling good about my accomplishment .. proud I made myself go to the gym today .. then off to the sauna I on my usual routine.

The sauna can be an awkward place some days .. depending on who else is in there .. you have all personality types do deal with… some won’t speak or look at anyone else.. some will speak briefly to say hello.. some will just nod and others don’t mind striking up conversations.

Well after the men leave the sauna there is a lady that comes in and sits right next to me… at first we both sit there silent .. relaxing .. enjoying the sauna and then I spoke up and mentioned how nice it is that the weather is going to be cooling off into the mid 80s this week and from that point we continued to chat.

She was telling me about one of her daughters in college and how last year she was called to a college in Seattle to speak and how worried she was letting this child go alone because she is oblivious to all things around her. Well the story goes on with the daughter getting in a car with a 26 year old man she had just met .. he offered to take her to the airport and her being the naive one says .. ok no problem and gets in the car with this man.. everything turned out ok.. the man wasn’t an axe murdered or rapist .. thank goodness… but the daughter said to her mom.. it’s ok  Mom, he’s a vegan! hahahaha what the heck does that have to do with anything! The mother was at a loss for words.. and explained to me this is how her daughter is and went on to say her son is street smart and totally opposite of the daughter,  thank goodness .. she says ..

Well then she asks me if I was that way as a kid or was I more like her son.. street smart…

I replied with .. oh very street smart .. always looking at everyone around me s if they were up to… and then something made me tell her about when I was 4 I had to watch after my two younger cousins because we had an uncle that lived a block from my grandmother’s house and when my grandmother would leave at dawn to go for her daily walk he would make is his way up to her house where we laid there sleeping without anyone else in the house.  So, now you know his intentions. I need not describe what he would do to us.

It only took once for me to then be aware and make myself aware when my grandmother would leave and at that point when I heard him making his way up the trail I would grab my cousins and we would hide or run out of the house and up into the woods until my grandmother got back home.  He would on occasion catch us …. thankfully not often… those times were few and far between for me at least .. I have no idea about my cousins when they were there without me.

So the next thing she says to me is …. I bet you didn’t sleep well as a child.

OMG! Ding Ding Ding .. the bells go off and the light is on … I said to her .. I still don’t.. I never have been able to sleep … and never even thought to put 2 and 2 together.

Then I got emotional.. I had thought I had made peace with it all but at that moment in telling her my story I relived it all again and then when she mentioned not sleeping .. I was stunned.. and I broke down… it was a break through way over due. I’ll be interested in seeing if now after nearly 40 years I’ll begin to actually sleep at night without the tossing and turning and the restlessness that I have had since I can remember.

I stepped out of the sauna and went to refill my water bottle and it was all I could do to hold back the tears. I went on out to my car and sat there for a few minutes.. collecting myself and my thoughts … trying to keep it together.. WOW! So you could say going to the gym today did far more than help heal my body … it may have also just healed a part of me that has been so long ago damaged.

What happened to me as a child is something I’ll certainly not ever forget …. these type things we live with each and every day of our lives. I never told my mother … she had told me about her brother this to her and her sisters and how she still had issues from it … I guess she told me the story as a way to make me aware of what he could do .. hoping it wouldn’t happen to me..  so even at the early age of 4 I could see and feel the pain that it had caused her and I then felt that  I had to protect my mother from more harm from this brother .. I thought that if she found out that he had done the same to me that it would have crushed her .. so I thought that I could be stronger and could handle the burden and protect her from further damage. I was now very aware and I took this responsibility upon myself  to protect my mother.. my cousins and me… and as I sit her telling you the story .. I think back to when my own children were 4 and can’t imagine them bearing something like this at that age .. I guess the survival mode kicks in at all ages.. and this was my way of survival back then. My mom still doesn’t know. This is certainly something I’ll never tell her, I still feel that she wouldn’t be able to handle knowing it. It’s hard enough knowing myself.

I am ever so thankful for this chance meeting with a woman I don’t even know. I’m still in shock really .. the next few days I’m sure to have many moments of reflection and at the end I hope to be stronger and more aware.

Wow…. pretty much sums this up for me.. just wow!

Many Blessings,

Starting Over

Every day we wake up .. we have another opportunity to begin again.. no matter what happened the days, weeks, months or years before.. every new days offers us a NEW chance to begin again.

Whether it is getting back on track with a diet and excercise routine or mending relationships.. each day brings us an opportunity.

What you do with that opportunity is what really matters.

Stop beating yourself up over things you wish you had or hadn’t done just start fresh with that new days clean slate and make the changes you so desparately want and or need.

It’s never too late to be who you always wanted to be.

Take each day as it is .. an opportunity to learn, grow, heal and move forward.

Many blessings for a great and prosperous day,

Hand Made Treasures

Whatever happened to hand made gifts? I know there are still a few out there that still make gifts for all occasions and I want to say to those few.. please, please keep doing what you are doing.

When someone takes from their own lives, the time to craft something for someoen else.. that gift is worth far more than any store bought gift could ever measure up to.

The time.. the thought… the effort alone is an invaluable gift all on its own.

Years ago I would craft far more than I do now… but I keep trying to step it up and continue this tradition. I just feel that for the above mentioned reasons .. the hand made gift speaks louder than anything else to say to the receiver that they are worth my time, thought and effort.

Well… its 4 months til Christmas .. the time to get started on those gifts is now!

You have  plan on what to make… how much to make and start collecting supplies..

You see already how much more effort goes into that hand made gift.. you see hand made gifts takes months of thought, planning and doing … where as a store bought item can be purchased minutes before the giving occasion.

I’m not here to lecture you on what to do or not to do .. but more so to inspire and help.

Hand made items don’t have to be huge, expensive or elabortate… and you can add them to a purchased item as well.. it’s teh thought, time and effort like I said before.

Here are some of things I have done in the past ..

– Mini stockings with the receivers name on it .. I would make these for everyone in my family and that means aunt, uncles, cousins and all tehir children .. yeah so that did take a long time to finish especially since I did these before I had a sewing machine and sewed them all by hand.. over 100 I do believe that year. Stuff  a few treats in them and give them out at the big family christmas dinner. Here’s a link to a quick and easy how-to

– Coffee filter angels …. soooooooo simpe and affordable .. on these I also added everyone’s name to each angel for that little extra personal touch. Here’s a how-to for you

– Painted mugs.. one year for valentines day I found some nice large (but plastic) mugs …. I painted them and filled them up with homemade chocolates and candies … these days you can find nice ceramic mugs for this or still go with the less expensive plastic ones.. depends on how many you want to make and what your budget allows. Michaels, Joan Fabrics and Hobby Lobby are great sopurces to find these products.

– Guardian Angel Ornaments… these are super easy .. take a clear christmas ball ornament .. add in some glitter of choice and a small white feather  with an attached tag containing a story about the feather … you can google many diofferent versions of this saying for your ornament or make up your own.

– Holiday pins – with beads and jeweley making supplies the possibilities are endless. Not just for Christmas these can be for Easter, Halloween , Thanksgiving, Valentine’s day, Saint Patrick’s Day, etc.. For instance one year for easter I found some tiny straw hats .. decorsated them with a bit of pearl paint to look like beads and small ribbon .. add a pin backing and gave them to all the women at our Easter get together … let me tell you my aunts still talk about those pins.

– One year for Mother’s Day I took some silk roses… wrapped the steps in floral tape.. added a bit of scented oil and attached a poem I wrote for Mother’s Day to each one with a bit of ribbon.. I have no idea how many I made but that year every mother I passed during my day .. I handed them a rose and the reactions I got were more of a gift to myself than anything I could have ever imagines.

– Holiday wreaths… easy to make you can go from simple to elaborate depending on your budget .. greeat gifts for any occasion!

Other ideas: Dream catchers, home baked goodies, sun catchers, quilted throws, painted bird houses and bird feeders, decorated frames, pine cone christmas trees, ornaments, silk floral arangements, center pieces, bath salts, candles,  etc…

The list goes on and on .. if you are having a hard time figuring out what you want to make.. first figure out how many you want to do then figure out what kind of budget you have to work with and start googling or ideas.. there are thousands of ideas on the web ranging from the simplest and least expensive to the more intricate and well expensive….

Many Blessings,

Finding Your Dreams

Spirit brings me a peculiar message this morning … I’m not going to question it .. I’m just going to keep typing as the message evolves….

Finding Your Dreams

Have you lost your dreams?
Do you remember what once you dreamed?
Does it seems like a battle to let the visions flow?
Do you feel lost?
Does it feel like hope for tomorrow is gone?
Has passion left you?

Spirit tells me that you have yourself wound so tightly that you have cut off the flow of life…. everything for you now will seem like a struggle.

It is like you have allowed your worries, stress and your need to get to a good place choke the flow of life and energy from your being.

Meditation is one way to help you find a calm, relaxing place within yourself.

Spirit says you have got to let go… you have got to find some kind peace with yourself and with life in general.

The stress is killing you… the worries are drowning all hope from your life.

Hope is not truly gone.. it is there .. just as your visions are still there … but it is like you have a thick cloud bank covering them.. blocking you from seeing and from feeling their presence.

Change your current behaviors… mix things up a bit and get yourself out of some of the damaging routines that have developed over time.. never fear change.. change is necessary for us to move forward and to grow.

Take a good look at the things in your life that are no longer doing you any good and make the changes necessary. YOU are the only one who knows what these changes are …. so don’t let others tell you whats good for you … take those decisions upon yourself and trust your inner guide.  You know what needs to be done even tho you may feel quite lost .. once you awaken to the knowledge that change needs to be made.. you’ll know what changes those are.

Be careful not to let fear and doubt steer you.

Many blessings,

The Possibilities are Endless

You’ve heard it before…  “The possibilities are endless”

I’d like to argue but really I’d just be making excuses. If we want something bad enough … we have it in us to obtain whatever it is we seek.

Ok, so someone says … I’d like to obtain a million dollars…. well with work, planning and dedication.. I’m sure thats a goal one could certainly obtain.

Is it easy?

I don’t think that was ever a part of the phrase nor do I think anyone ever thought the two go hand in hand…  You know that other saying… “Nothing worth while comes easy”

Here are some thoughts I’d like to leave you with today ….

What is it you truly want?
How far are you willing to go to reach that goal?
Are you ready to work for it?
Do you believe you can do it?

What are you waiting for?

To quote from the movie Soul Surfer ” I don’t need easy, I just need possible.”

What possibilities are waiting for you?

Many Blessings,

All Signs Point To…..

On my in to work this morning I was greeted right away with the angelic numbers 222. (222 meaning  – Have faith. Everything’s going to be all right.)

This made me smile as I felt blessed and comforted seeing the numbers there in front of me as I drove to work. I began to think about signs in general.. what they mean to people and their significance to others.

I also thought for a moment about those who would like to tell us that we make things up to mean things and that none of it really means anything .. we just say that it does.

Then I thought … well who cares if it is real or not. If I am able to find comfort in something as simple as a set of numbers, then whats the harm… what does it matter to anyone else but me. It means something to me and that is all that matters.

The truth is that none of us can truly say what is at the end of our road until that end has come to be. Having faith and something to believe in doesn’t hurt anyone at all.  If in times of stress, hardship, struggle, loneliness or whatever the case may be .. you are able to find comfort in whatever sign it is you have chosen to see then so be it. You are the only one effected by the sign.. so whats the big deal. Why is it some are so bent on arguing about what sign you chose to believe in and whether or not it is a real sign or not??? I think maybe the case is that they have their eyes closed so tightly to what cannot be explained that they don’t “SEE” .. and when others say that they have “SEEN” they feel.. .well they feel a bit left out and since they haven’t “SEEN” any signs then they must not be real.

Finding comfort in finding a feather.. seeing sets of numbers.. hearing a birds call… feeling like someone of a higher power is watching over you harms no one. Go ahead and believe as you wish .. it is all our given right.

Signs are everywhere you just have to ask for them. When asking for a sign you are making yourself aware of your surroundings.. so what was there all the while is now visible to you.

Just as that line from one of my favorite songs goes… Only the ones who believe, ever see what they dream, ever dream what comes true.

So says the raven today… DREAM.. BELIEVE.. HAVE FAITH.. LIVE.. LOVE… LAUGH and SEE!

Many Blessings,