Halloween… more than it seems

companycoming013Here’s a little something I wrote a few years back about what I saw one Halloween night.

Ghosts, Goblins, Witches and the whole lot … I also saw cheerleaders and football players.. I saw cowboys and Indians.. I saw a princess or maybe 2.. I saw fairies and angels and firefighters and doctors .. I saw monsters and goblins  and vampires too… and then I looked past the costumes and wow did I see some really cool things. I saw families together having fun, laughing and playing as the night grew dark. I saw the love between mother/father and child… parents that made the night about having fun and being a child. I saw costumes lovingly made .. I saw the patience and time it took for those costumes … made or store bought. There were parents who made sure their child got to be who they wanted on this one day of the year.

Does it really matter in this day and time how this night originated and from which group of people or religion may have started any of it? As it is today .. it’s a collection, an infusion of many backgrounds, many religious beliefs as well as family traditions and lets not forget the media. All of these things have made it what it is today and now it is up to you, each individual to make it what YOU want it to be.

For the most part I saw Halloween night being one of family love and harmony… there was no fussing about what gifts to give or buy… there was no bickering about whose house to go to for you go to all of them. There was no dollar amounts being brought up and it wasn’t even about who had the most expensive costume.  At this time of year, on this night… better doesn’t always mean more expensive!

To me as a child Halloween was far better than Christmas! There was nothing I had to worry about except how I dressed.. and I could be anything in the world I wanted to be this night and no one would say how ridiculous… because the more ridiculous the better it seemed to be.

Halloween to me is the true meaning of being a kid… allowing your imagination take over and then there’s the CANDY!!!! It can’t get any better than that!

Many Blessings,

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Your Spiritual Guidance for October 26-31

What a special week we have this week! It’s starts off the with the Full October Super Moon and ends when the veil is at it’s thinnest on Halloween! This is a week of magic with endless possibilities and dreams finally being realized. Worry less about what tomorrow brings and live in this breath!

Many Blessings,

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Beneath the Samhain Moon

IMG_3847Halloween Night 2013

Last night I danced beneath the Samhain Moon. It wasn’t quite what one might think a dance beneath the Samhain moon might be. There were no spooky spirits flying about, no black cats and scary bats, no goblins, no ghosts. There were no mystical chants, no candles burning bright … just me dancing beneath the moon light. Let me explain a little more about my Samhain night….

There I was standing beneath the crescent moon in a misty fog when I was taken by the hand and guided down a path. I wondered where I was being guided and why but I  did not hesitate and I did not fear the journey ahead of me. I felt safe and secure, so I took the strangers hand and I put one foot in front of another and I walked slowly and calmly down this path. I wasn’t sure where I was or where I was going but something inside me knew this was a path I must take. Suddenly the stranger stops and turns to me, looks me in the eyes and with a mutual understanding we began to dance. No words were ever spoken. We danced and danced, twirled and swayed to music that wasn’t even there. The scene was all dressed in shades of gray with a reflective lake just to the right of the path and the crescent moon directly above. There was a low lying mist of mystery that danced along with us as the night passed. I kept wondering what this was and what it all meant. There was such a feeling of calm and peace that surrounded us and filled my entire being. I could not have been more at ease than I was this night.

So who was this stranger in the night?

To my surprise I found that it was none other than LOVE itself. What a great feeling this was. I was granted the most magical night of all. To dance with love through the night, ending with a sweet embrace of knowing that Love is always with me. It is the seed that is my beginning and that has grown as I have grown through the years and that shall continue with me when my Earthly days are gone and together we return to the light.

UPDATE – October 2015

I guess what I should add to this story … now that it is 2 years later and makes it all the more magical… At the time of this vision, my life was completely void of love. I felt heartbroken every day. My spirit was in pain but I had hopes.. I have always had hopes that the pain would someday fade away and that love would prevail. The universe saw me suffering and made changes to my life so that I would no longer suffer that kind of pain I was making myself endure for so long. I am filled with gratitude to the Universe. Love is no longer a dream… love is inside me and with me and all around me.

Many Blessings,

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All Hallows

All Hallows

All Hallows is drawing ever so near
Shhhhhhhhh, what’s that creepy sound I hear?

That’s the wind now blowing a cooler breeze
Creaks and moans radiating from the branches of the trees

They say the veil between worlds is growing really thin
Spirits are said to cross over and glide across the land with the wind

Vampires, werewolves, monsters and witches too
I have heard that they would like to meet with you

The vampires looking for a bit of a snack
You better watch out for that shadow lingering over your back

The werewolves ready their voices now
For when the sky darkens they will begin to holler and howl

Monsters of every shape, size and kind are said to come out
Scaring the children making them scream and shout

The witches cackle and ready their brew
On the hunt for a lizard, a toad and a rat or two

Don’t worry, there’s nothing really to fear
It’s just that time of the year

When all things spooky and unknown come out to play
Causing chaos and fright all night and day!

I love this time of the year when the breeze turns cold
When candy is free and spooky stories are told.

All Hallows its coming soon….
What was that, that just flew past the moon!

All Hallows

Many Blessings,


New Blog Addition

For those of you who don’t know… I’ve created another blog that is geared toward Halloween only. Check it out at http://simplyhalloween.wordpress.com/

It will contain how-to’s for Halloween props and decorations along with some Halloween poems, stories and other fun stuff and ideas!

Halloween is my favorite day of the year and has been since I was a kid. It’s that one day a year where you can be as crazy as you want and let your imgination soar, so of course it’s my all time favorite!

I hope you take a moment to stop by and have a look around. There isn’t much there at the moment but over the next few weeks it will be growing.

Many Blessings,

The thrill of a good scare!

Well.. I just can’t help myself.. I have to tell you all about one of my secret loves… ok well to some it’s not a secret .. hahahahaha

I absolutely LOVE scaring the crap out of people. I know .. crazy right??? LOL

I use to design and create and work in haunted  houses.. this began when I was a teenager .. I have always loved Halloween and would always go all out decorating and getting into character and ok so I still do …

Halloween is the one day of the year that you can become whatever in the world you wish to be and it’s ok! The weird looks and tilted heads are all part of it.

So now that you have a bit of the history I have to tell you about what just happened.. hee hee

I was standing on my back deck really quiet and still trying to capture some bird photographs. I had taken a few earlier this morning … and still had not gotten rid of the bug.. so I grabbed my camera and went back out to try and capture the humming birds playing in the back yard.

Suddenly this little girl comes riding through my yard on her bike.. completely unaware that I was standing there just a few feet from her on my deck. She gets near the edge of my property when she suddenly spots me. She does a double take.. stops and with a confused look on her face does a little wave. I’m still trying to be very still and quiet to capture the birds and so I slowly raise my hand to wave back without speaking a word. This really freaks her out and she nails it in high gear and takes off! hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa

You guys really should have seen her face… giggles…

I bet she thinks twice about taking the short-cut through our yard again! hahahahahaha

Not only did I get some great pics of the humming birds.. I scared the crap out of some kid..  can it get much better?? LOL

Happy Haunting!!