That Wicked Witch and Her Wicked Ways

There’s that wicked witch working her wicked ways
Healing others with the words she says

Colored chords and candles castling light
People talk and rumors spread that she’s just not right

Casting into the heavens for dreams and wishes come true
They says she conjures and cooks up some sort of terrible brew

Misunderstood and shunned to always be alone
This wicked witch is surely evil, straight to the bone

The smiles, goodness and light, people rarely choose to notice
You see, this wicked witch has as many layers as the lotus

She protects, she heals and she cares
But all that they talk about is how she scares

Dare she own a pet, especially a cat that is black
For the stories will grow of how once she flew off into  the night like a bat

Herbs hanging around the kitchen walls
Oils on the shelves with her crystal balls

There is meaning behind every tools she owns
But what they say is .. she kills animals to keep their bones

You see, they know not of what they speak
Their ignorance makes them ever so gullible and weak

This wicked witch is not what they make her out to be
She is as gentle and caring as a warm summer breeze

She follows the moon as it begins to wax and wane
She’s not afraid to dance nor sing in the rain

Her life is filled with magic in every way
Deeds for the good are done day by day

Caring for the Earth and all it’s creatures
Come, take a closer look at her features

You’ll not see a warted nose upon her face
Only a gentleness within her eyes and a smile to take its place

So, when you hear of them speak of the wicked witch and her wicked ways
Remember the words within this phrase:

Harm none .. do as ye will
For this is the motto of a witch that is not a fairytale but 100% real!

Many Blessings,

~ Judge not others by what you “think” you know…..
~ For you never know when the day will come that you’ll find yourself eating a bit of crow!

Many Blessings,

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