Quotes from the Sauna

Today was another great day .. after my workout .. off to the sauna I went to sweat for another 30 minutes.

This time in the sauna were two older gentlemen and they started telling me about this guy they know.. William Lee Golden … for those of you who don’t know who that is .. he was once a part of The Oak Ridge Boys … before the Oak Ridge Boys he was very well known for gospel music .. here’s a link to his website for those interested http://www.williamleegolden.com/

Well… one of the guys in the sauna was telling me how great of a guy William is and how he looked at him as more of a wise sage.

He then gave me this quote that William had said to him one day and I said right away… THAT IS SO AWESOME! As soon as I get home I’m blogging this bit of great wisdom.. so .. sticking to my word.. here you go:

He was sitting with William one day at his house and it had been raining all day… he spoke up and said to William .. Boy, what a dreary day … at which point William slowly leaned back in his chair .. turned his head to look out the window and then said to this fella .. it may be dreary but if a painter had to paint it, he would still use color

Now tell me .. how great is that quote!!!!

Oh and here’s another one..

He and Mr. Golden were having a disagreement and the fella stormed off to his room but then felt bad and couldn’t sleep so went over to Mr. Golden’s room.. knocked on the door and appologized for shouting and storming off..

Mr. Golden’s reply was this: It’s ok… Sometimes you have to shout to be heard, you only lose when you walk away without a resolution.

sigh…. what great company I was in this evening in the sauna!

Many Blessings,


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