Where the road takes us….

IMG_8415Spirit has been whispering in my ear this morning and leading me to write a bit about the road we travel…. bare with me, for sometimes when I get these type messages from Spirit .. I  seem to ramble…

Our roads are never perfectly clear from beginning to end and certainly not smooth …. along the way we are to encounter many obstacles .. it is not so much the obstacles that are important but how we handle these obstacles.

Each obstacle is an opportunity to learn and to grow.

At times our road may become dark and it will take a lot of inner strength to make it through.  This is where Spirit screams and shouts and wants me to make it clear to everyone that the path does not stay dark for too long, although at the time it may seem unending to the traveler.

The light will return … when it returns is entirely up to you.

You may not feel that it is in your control but Spirit urges me to say .. YES.. YES indeed it is.

The decisions you make along this path can keep you in the dark …. seemingly isolated, burdened and distressed. Spirit again urges me to make sure this is SEEMINGLY … not REALITY.

The reality is that there are other choices you can make that will take you out of the darkness much quicker.. though the choices may not be all that clear to you at the time .. they may “feel” impossible .. or they may “feel” harder than the choice you have currently made.

Stop! Calm Yourself… Focus.. then step back from your situation and look at it from other points of view.

Step outside of your own situation and imagine that it is someone else going through this dark period.. now think of what advice you would give that other person.

See? Things start becoming more clear to you. You see that there are other options. They may not be easy but they are there.

The important thing to know is that they are there… Think about this long dark road you are currently on. Now think of how hard it would be to continue down this road in the darkness for an undetermined amount of time… now think of those other options and though they may seem hard to commit.. once committed to finding another way .. you’ll find the darkness nothing more than a memory.

Whatever you do … do your best … mistakes will be made.. that is a given .. focus on doing your best and giving your best … mistakes are merely lessons for growth and knowledge.

Many blessings for a smoother journey,

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