your own hero

Being Your Own Hero

Today, I talk about pulling yourself out of the pit and becoming your own hero. No one is going to magically come along and save us… we have to save ourselves. How long you stay in the pit is a choice you make. You have to make the decision to get out and then focus on a positive life. If you have nothing positive to focus on then  focus on the life you want … see yourself in the life you want. See yourself happy and in a balanced life. Be Your own Hero!

Many Blessings,

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New Moon, New Day, New Life

It’s time we stop fighting battles that do us no good and start fighting for the life we always dreamed of. Last night we had ourselves another New Moon… just like every other month we have ever had. Each month brings us opportunity where the Universe is working to help us manifest something new into our lives. We must be able to see what it is that is best for us and be courageous enough to create the changes needed.

Many Blessings,

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