Soaring on the Winds of Time

IMG_0713I am the Raven soaring upon the winds of time….
I bring to you my words .. with and without rhym

I sing my call into the sacred winds so they may carry my words to all that wish to hear
I sing of love, praise, honor and a life without fear

I fly to the North through the gateway of the mind…. and bring back knowledge and wisdom … I met with the buffalo and gained peace of mind. Connecting with the air… I soared the heavens and pondered the philosophies of life

I fly to the South through the gateway of emotions ….and bring back trust and innocence…. I met with the mouse and gained control of my deepest feelings. Connecting with the water… I frolicked in song and dance

I fly to the East through the gateway of spirit … and bring back illumination and enlightenment…. I met with the eagle and connected with our Great Spirit. Bonding with fire I began to create, paint and write once again….

I fly to the West through the gateway of the body … and bring back introspection and intuition… I met with the bear and found myself … my own inner knowing. Bonding with the Earth I found the heartbeat of magic.

I have flown in all directions.. gathered much
Now under the moon … under the sun .. under the stars above…
I give to you balance … I give to you my love

With honor and blessings this night and all
Hear my words .. as the raven calls…

Many Blessings,

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