Howling Through the Night

Wandering spirits baying beneath the moonlight
Searching for something to fill their souls
They raise their heads and howl through the night

Crying to the darkened heavens above
We are all searching, searching, searching…
For the same kind of endless love

Sending out the most magical of vibes
The Universe returns the light that has been sent
The feeling upon return is something beyond what words could describe

I find myself howling through the night too
Searching for love to be returned
Can you feel it as it vibrates through you

My light beaming as brightly as can be
Stretching beyond the moon, the stars and the vast space beyond
I smile and know deep within that love will surely come to caress me.

So here I stand alone in the moonlight
Waiting for love to come to me
Howling through the night.

Many Blessings,

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