Day: September 6, 2015

Howling Through the Night

Wandering spirits baying beneath the moonlight
Searching for something to fill their souls
They raise their heads and howl through the night

Crying to the darkened heavens above
We are all searching, searching, searching…
For the same kind of endless love

Sending out the most magical of vibes
The Universe returns the light that has been sent
The feeling upon return is something beyond what words could describe

I find myself howling through the night too
Searching for love to be returned
Can you feel it as it vibrates through you

My light beaming as brightly as can be
Stretching beyond the moon, the stars and the vast space beyond
I smile and know deep within that love will surely come to caress me.

So here I stand alone in the moonlight
Waiting for love to come to me
Howling through the night.

Many Blessings,

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A Letter to My Heart

Dear Heart,

I know it has been a long and tiring road for both of us, but hang in there, we are finally mending and better times are near. It has taken a lot of trial and error and you have never let me down. Time and time again you take all that you can take and continue to give all that you have. Many have come with lies and deceit, making promises they were never intending to keep. Still, you continue to love. Every time I have fallen, you have been there to pick me back up. When I thought I couldn’t, you told me that I could. When no one else loved me, it was you that reminded me that I was love. I am so sorry that I have been unable to deliver the kind of everlasting love that you give, but know that I won’t give up until I do. Your patience is beyond compare. Your trust is unfailing. Your strength is something few will ever be able to comprehend. No matter how beaten and abused, you remain the loving light that refuses to douse it’s flame. In fact, on our worst days is when I noticed your light the brightest. Pushing your rays of hope and love through the darkest of moments, you have brought me through those times when all I wanted to do was give up. I have faith that there is a love out there somewhere in this world that matches our own. Until we find that love, I promise to protect you from those who wish to do us more harm and promise that I’ll not give up the search til the universe takes away my last breath. You are worth all the love I can find to give.

Yours truly,

Many Blessings,

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