If I could share…

waya777777If I could share with you a bit of me I would ask you to take hold my hand and let go

Let go, not of my hand .. but of all else .. so that you can experience what’s inside me

Holding my hand you would know my pain and that I hurt just as you when things go wrong

You would know my love and how its always growing

You would know my tears an what gets them flowing

You would know my passion and the roar of its fire

You would know my song without hearing it sung out-loud

You would know my heart and what makes it melt

You would know my touch.. both gentle and strong

You would know my faith and the strength of my will

You would know me just by holding my hand and standing still

You would know my faults, my failures and my sad regrets

You would know me and all my secrets

You would know not just what you see but those things that don’t always show

You would know me … just by holding my hand and letting go.

Many Blessings,

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  1. Впечатлен съм, аз трябва да кажа. Наистина често не мога да се натъкнете на блог, че всеки възпитателен и забавни, и позволете ми да ви информира, имате ли хит на нокти по главата. Вашата концепция е изключителна трудност е едно нещо, че не е достатъчно хора говорят интелигентно за. Аз съм много блажен, че аз попаднах през целия този в моя търсят нещо по отношение на това.

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