moon poem

Dear Moon in the Night Sky

Dear moon in the night sky
Rain down your magic so that tonight I might fly
Take me to places of love and light
Take me to where a lover will hold me tight
Someone who sees me and really cares
Someone who will not make me shed anymore tears
Bring me a love that is ever so deep and true
Someone who’s actions match the words “I love you”
Allow me to hold on to this magic forever and always
For the rest of my life and all of my days
Dear moon in the night sky
Rain down your magic so that tonight I might fly.

So mote it be

Many Blessings,

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Many Moons

I honor of tonight’s New Moon.. a time of new beginnings .. a fresh start ..


Many Moons

Many Moons, in my days I have seen
Many Moons, have passed over as I dream

Protected by the Wolf Moon of January
Strengthened by the Storm Moon of February

Many Moons, I have lived
Many Moons, I have died

Planted Seeds of Knowledge by the Chaste Moon in March
Empowered by the Seed Moon of April

Many Moons, I have laughed
Many Moons, I have cried

Grown beneath the Flower Moon of May
Loved by the Lover’s Moon of June

Many Moons, I do wish
Many Moons, I do pray

Blessed by the Mead Moon of July
Reaped my harvest by the Wyrt Moon of August

Many Moons, my heart does sing
Many Moons, each and every one a beautiful thing

Nurtured by the Harvest Moon of September
Reflected beneath the Blood Moon of October

Many Moons, the magic I have felt
Many Moons, empowered by thy light

Counted my blessings beneath the Snow Moon of November
Healed by the Long Night’s Moon of December

Many Moons, have come to pass
Many Moons, yet to come

Many Moons of divine light
Many Moons have watched over us through the night

Many Moons, casting shadows beneath my wings as I now take a mystic flight
Soaring under the Moons radiant Light!


Many Blessings,

Magical Moon


A little something I jotted down last night before going to bed…

Magical Moon

Magical Moon with a light so bright
Watch over us all and protect us through the night

When you’re large and full of grace
Even when we can barely see your face

We know you are always there
Your magic fills the air

Waning and waxing as the nights come and go
Feeling that mystic tug and tow

Abundance and blessings you give without take
Please accept these prayers we now make

Our words we send to thee with love
We cast them to you and the heavens above

Magical Moon in the night
Thank you for the dreams, the visions, the second sight

A blessing at the end of each day
You light the darkness in a loving and magical way

Carrying with you the secrets from ancient times gone by
Your presence is felt beneath the starry night sky

Magical Moon thank you for your love, thank you for your light
Thank you for watching over us every single night.

Many Blessings,

In the Darkness of the New Moon

In the Darkness of the New Moon

In the darkness of the New moon I fly about to see what there is to see…
There is no light and no shadows to chase me..

Flying about the void, this darkened space…
I let go my worries as the wind blows across my face..

My fears aside I look at starting something new…..
And as I look within, to myself I must stay true…..

Blessed be the tasks I begin this night …
May they be in bloom by the Moon’s next full light…

Fear not the darkness of the New Moon…
Tis the time for new beginnings and to get yourself back in tune..

As I fly away on the currents this night when the moon in new…
I begin my tasks and send out prayers and wishes of dreams coming true…

Blessing to every man, woman, child and friend….
May you find happiness, love and riches of the heart…..
And may your dreaming never ever end!