raven poetry

Through Raven Eyes

Through raven eyes I see the past, the present and the times to come..
Looking beyond the veil into the dream world where spirits dance
Seeing what others miss, Oh what fun!

With raven ears I hear the whispers from ancient times.
The sounds of Mother Earth that to most are unheard.
With these raven ears the words are translated quite often with poetic rhymes.

With raven wings I soar the great blue heavens above
Drifting on the currents of healing light
Where perspective is in sight and my heart fills with never-ending love.

With a raven voice I call out on the winds of change and hope
With healing intent and frame of mind
To bring light and love with prayers to help you cope.

With raven eyes I see more than most do.
I see the beyond the mask, beyond the shield..
With raven eyes, I see the real YOU!

Many Blessings,

As the Raven Dreams

>As the Raven Dreams

My mind wanders and I drift into dream
Letting go of the hurt and pain that makes me want to scream

I imagine myself wrapped within a golden light
Safe from all that may harm through out the day and even the night

Drifting along upon a raven’s wing
I am calmed by the song of magick my soul does sing

A song of mystery from ancient times
Listen close and you too shall hear as the wind blows through the distant chimes

The Spirit knows and the Spirit does see
The secrets are gathered and placed safely inside me

From the Earth, the moon the sun and the stars
The magick flows, held back by neither stone wall nor bars

Like the river, I flow with the current of magick’s light
As one with all.. morning, noon and night

Feel me with nothing less than perfect trust and perfect love
Feel me as I pass by you and the moon above

Know me and know my heart
Know my love, my magick and my every part

Know the mysteries and the secrets I tell
Know the wonders of life and how it began
When from the heavens a princess fell

Know my words and hear them as true
Know my love, I give it freely, I give it to you.