My Wish to the Stars


My wish to the stars above
For a match made in heaven
You know, a special heavenly kind of love

Someone who gets me and understands
Someone to share life with
Who is ready to make long lasting plans

Someone who is unique just like me
Someone who is caring and thoughtful
and with a heart that truly loves me

Someone not afraid to grow
Someone to share life’s experiences with
Who doesn’t need to ask how I feel… just knows

Someone to cuddle with and laugh
Someone who likes to play and share a bath 😉

Someone who doesn’t wish to hurt or cause any pain
Someone to hold my hand and be at my side
Who loves to dance and play in the rain

Someone who’s soul is a lot like my own
Filled with wisdom and love
Who understands what happens to the seeds that are sewn

Someone true that doesn’t even think of wandering astray
Someone to lay beneath the moon and stars in the night
Who doesn’t wish to give up just because they are having a bad day

Someone that looks at me and sees forever
Who understands the fire inside me
And still takes on this endeavor

Someone that sees me on my worst days
But doesn’t get spooked.. not even a little
Who loves me still… in infinite ways

Someone special, not like all the rest
Someone always willing to give their best

Someone that is perfectly matched just for me
Who smiles from the inside out
Who loves without an inkling of doubt.

That’s my wish tonight to the stars above
For a love long lasting and true
Someone who loves like I do!

Many Blessings,

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