Changing Behaviors and Patterns

In the past, I allowed people to lie to me. Knowing their words were lies I accepted this in my life. I wanted to give each person the benefit of doubt, I looked past the little lies and thought more about why they lied. Was it that they were scared, had low self esteem, or maybe they felt less than for some reason and felt they needed the lie. Whatever the reason, it wasn’t needed. My thoughts, “Maybe one day they will not feel the need to lie to me anymore”. That never seems to work out that way, The truth may be hard but it doesn’t break trust. Without trust, you have NOTHING. This video is me breaking my own patters and behaviors of allowing things in my life that aren’t good for me. I’m watching out for myself way more these days and taking a lot less crap. I deserve better. If better never shows up, well at least I’m not living in a world of lies.

Many Blessings,

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