Surviving Life Changes

Change is hard to deal with.. we become uprooted from our comfort zone and placed in unfamiliar territory. In this video I talk about just that and how I have dealt with change and how I see it now after the events.

Many Blessings,


    1. Oh yes I remember that scene …. I remember it in great detail.. and you are right … when the time is coming that your path is to change … Spirit changes it. I had a dream almost 2 months exactly before my world came crashing down… this is the dream:

      I dreamed a man came to me.. an older gentleman, not related to me in any way. He came up to me and gave me the best hug ever… one of those hugs that you know the person hugging you really does care about your well being … he leaned in and whispered in my ear “A hero will come into your life and love you like you should be loved.” He then raised up and looked at me in the eyes and said with great conviction and seriousness, “I promise you that.”

      I was left without words.. only a comforting feeling that someone saw me and saw my heart.

      A dream that has got me through so many horrible days where I just did not want to live anymore.

      1. So glad you listened to the wisdom of that vision, you bring your heart to all that surrounds you. What you share is great courage and true faith in things not seen …

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