The Struggles of Life

We all have them… some it may feel like have far more than others. Our struggles are all different but they all build us.. they shape us in one way or another. Struggles force us to grow. They reveal to us what is hidden inside. This life is a frighteningly wonderful journey… The struggles that we go through are also frighteningly wonderful. They scare us and then they show us a gift. Whether that be a gift of knowing that we can survive or a gift of revealing to us something we didn’t know we could do.

Many Blessings,


  1. In Carlos Castenaeda’s first book The Teachings of Don Juan there is a passage where Don Juan tells him oh being a warrior, that the warrior does not go looking for the battle, he prepares, the warrior waits for the battle to come … What you speak of is your preparation, now you can wait and choose wisely

    1. I like to think of it that way … It feels now that my training is ending and I am ready for the next phase … my tools have all be sharpened and I am ready for battle!

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