writing your own story


Life is a fairytale. No fairytale begins on a good note. Tragedy, sadness and despair is how they usually begin but the magic is in making your way past all those obstacles to finally find yourself living the “Happily Ever After”. We each hold the pen to our own stories, but many forget that. I have forgotten that particular statement myself many times over. Life happens, we get caught up in the survival of it all, but at the end of the day, we do have choices although they may be hidden from us. We have the power to  change our story at any moment, don’t forget that. I’m doing my best to remind myself as well of the same thing. We cannot go back and erase what has already happened but we do have control over what hasn’t. Some things will not be foreseen and we may have to add some extra pages here and there til we can work around obstacles that pop up… but how you handle those obstacles is completely within your own writing of your story.

It won’t always be the ideal castles and dreams but it will be YOUR castles and dreams.

Many Blessings,

Daily Wisdom by Raventalker 1-24-2011

What? Shocked?

Why are you so shocked about how your life is going??? After all … YOU are the one writing the book!

There is nothing we can do about the chapters we have already lived except to accept them as they were and move forward. How boring would life be if it were always perfect and there were no hills… no battles… no surprises or bends in the road.

It is not what comes your way that matters most .. it’s how you handle it… how you get through it .. and how you move forward.

Don’t dwell on past mistakes.. allow them to be lessons learned and move forward with better knowledge of what to do next time.

Find a moment right here .. right now to be happy … wrap yourself in that feeling and don’t be afraid of it .. sure it may only last a moment … but you felt it .. you knew what it was .. and you were open to the experience … it will be back! Just don’t be afraid.. Allow it to come and go and you will find yourself wrapped in its light more often than not.

Many Blessings,