Month: October 2010

M A G I C !!!


Word of the day …. Magic!

What do you see.. feel ..or think … when you hear that word .. Magic ?

Me, I can’t help but smile.. for me so much comes to mind ..

I think of the full moon glowing so brightly in the midnight sky..
I see a golden sunset where the sky is full of magnificent colors..
I think of the sound of the leaves rustling on the ground in fall..
I see the country side filled with color suddenly when the winds change and the air cools in autumn..
I think of all the unseen around us ..
I think of the miracles that happen every day …
I see my children .. and remember the day they were born ..
It’s how I feel warm and fuzzy as my husband reaches out to hold my hand .. or when he brushes back my hair late at night..

It’s remembering the first kiss … his lips on mine and all the world fading away …
I think of all the dreams and wishes that have come and gone..
I feel my heart as it pounds when I lay my head on my husbands shoulder and inhale the scent I know as him and I am comforted and happy..

It’s winter’s first snow or spring’s first rain
It’s that four leaf clover you finally found
It’s being a kid and making snow angles on the ground

Magic to me is many things ..

It’s our song playing on the radio just as I was thinking of him
It’s letting go.. It’s opening up
It’s finding your place, your home.. your path
Its the laughter of a child
Its feeling free and going wild
Its in the trees, the flowers and all around
It’s fate It’s deja vu
It’s knowing
It’s in the shadows . .it’s in the light .. it’s throughout the day and even the night
It’s knowing when to stop or when to keep going on
It’s in your heart and in your soulIt’s a part of you ..
It’s something unexplainable.. just something you know.

It’s magic don’t you know!

Many Blessings,

My Invincible Summer

invinciblesummerMy Invincible Summer

“In the midst of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.” — Albert Camus

The above quote I find to be so true.

No life goes without some sort of bad weather… some sort of tragedy… some sort of sorrow …. Some sort of struggle.

We have all been there at some point in our lives.. some only a time or two and some many times over and over again it seems.

As I sit here now and think back to some of my darkest moments, I can surely see the struggle, the sadness/anger/despair/weakness/fear….. but also I can see the fight inside me to make it through.

Oh yes so often I had moments where I just wanted to give up and maybe I did for a brief second here and there,  but always I knew that was not the way I was going to go down and the fight within me to get beyond this dark point in my life was far stronger,  in fact, looking back now, I can see how the darker my moments the stronger my fight.

There is a fire inside all of us. When negativity comes into our lives our fires begin to burn out and die. It is only when we make the choice to rid ourselves of that negativity that our fires begin to roar again.

It is up to us to keep our fires roaring … it is in the choices we make and what we allow into our lives.

The fire never truly dies. You may at times find that your fire has gone to burning embers, but all the while you have what it takes inside you to bring those embers back to that roaring fire that lights your way, fills your life with warmth and gives you the energy to keep you moving forward on your path.

Those dark times in our lives remind us that we do have what it takes to change our worlds. You are all sitting here today reading this because you have made it through some sort of dark period in your own life.

When times get hard remember that inside you is that invincible summer determined to blossom new life.

Many Blessings,

When Our Season Comes …




When Our Season Comes …

Summer now gone, winter is approaching fast
As the October wind comes blowing by
I stand in awe beneath the light, the moon does cast
And with a deep breath I let out a heavy sigh.

No time to stop … no time to rest
All we can do .. is our very best
The years keep coming and rolling past
The clock keeps ticking and time is flying by so fast

We look in the mirror and can’t believe our eyes
There’s no hiding … everyone must know
The years, oh how they do show
It’s in our eyes and all over our face
Hoping to age with a bit of grace

Feel the chill upon the breeze
Dear Creator, allow us age with ease.
May our aches and pains be few
May we be reborn of love with each morning dew

Lessons have come and lessons have gone
Life is our path and we must march on
Written in our memories… the life we’ve lived
May the love and knowledge gained from our travels be the gift we give

The pages of our life we turn with our own hands
May the path before you be a new beginning with no dead ends

Wisdom, our harvest from seeds once sown
May love and kindness be for what we were known.
When our journey finally comes to a stop
We’ll meet again on the mountaintop.

Our life now a whisper upon the breeze
When it comes time to say goodbye, may we pass with ease
Please be kind and smile when you see a passing dove
For our soul will be soaring with the greatest love

Many Blessings,

One Thousand Times

Barred Owl

One Thousand Times

One thousand times I’ve been born
One thousand times I’ve died

The years have passed by like a soft whisper in the wind
Days and nights gone without my knowing

One thousand paths I have walked
One thousand lessons I have learned

Tears I have cried for so many reasons
Smiles, laughter and love have helped me make it through the seasons

One thousand rights
One thousand wrongs

Blessings and curses bestowed upon me
Love, the miracle that always brings me back to why I’m ME

One thousand ways
One thousand times

One thousand pairs of eyes
One thousand ways to see

One thousand lips to be kissed
One thousand people, wondering if ever they were missed

One thousand ways to go
One thousand reasons to live again

One thousand times ……


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Being the Messenger

>Let me answer the questions that have been wandering through your head..
How is it I come up with the things I have said?

How do you see what you see?
With the inner eyes that Spirit has given me.

How do you hear what can’t be heard?
I quiet the noise and say not a word.

How does Spirit sound?
Like the wind, the rain, the sun, the moon and the ground.

How do you know these things are true?
I have faith, the question is, why don’t you?

What’s the key to help me see more?
Our mind is like a hallway of many doors…

No locks, even though closed they may be
Just reach out and turn the knob – that’s the key!

Open them wide and release your fear
Soon, you’ll see and even hear

Empty your heart of all anger and distrust
To walk this way, it is a must!

Let go, stop trying to control

Let yourself be guided, taken by the hand
Soon you’ll be floating with Spirit across the land

Visions will fill the eyes you didn’t know were there
It’s not a secret… everyone has two pair!

Forget what you thought you knew
Just let it come to you.

And now with a smile and a wink, you know what to do
Blessings for the beginning of a whole new view!

Many Blessings,

I Must Write!

The moon is growing full and the shadows dance softly across the wall…
Spirit speaks to me and I must answer the call

So, I write

I have tell you the words forming in my head
They swirl around like a whirlwind of Autumn leaves caught in the wind
Chasing after one another with no beginning and no end

and so, I write

My heart beats loudly, as if it is my own sacred drum
It’s hypnotic… like a transic thunder
I know this must sound crazy to some

But, I must write

The words, they come always in some sort of rhyme
I try to keep the words from matching
But they always end up sounding the same every time

and I continue to write

The words… what do they mean…is there really a story to be told
I often wonder what its all about
Wondering if answers will come when I’m grey and old

Spirit speaks … whispers in my ear

and so, I write

The animals have a voice
They not only speak, but also sing and call
If you can’t hear what they are saying, then that is your choice

and I write

Listen carefully.. its beyond the words that you hear
You say you have no clue what I’m saying
I say, let loose your fear

and I keep on writing

Hoping one day that you’ll know
You’ll get it, you’ll hear
You’ll have that moment when the world stops and you’ll shout WHOA!

and I’ll still be writing

Relaying messages from places of great mystery
Especially when the veil is thinning
That’s when the spirits past say, “Oh wow… she can hear me!”

and I write

So that thier messages can make it through
So their voices can still be heard
This is how it works.. through me – straight to you

So, I must write

This is the way it will be until my end
When I lay upon the the grass and close my eyes
With one last rhyme to send

I’ll write

Hold not onto fear
Caress dearly all that you love
That sound in the distance – that song in the wind
Remember, thats the Raven’s call that you hear!

Many Blessings,

When the Moon Turned Red

Last night I had this outstanding vision… I’ve had a bit of time to reflect on it and would like to share …

I was standing outside looking up at the night sky and there was this spectacular event going on… many people stopped to take notice

There was the moon and around the moon were several smaller moons circling around it … just outside the ring of smaller moons where some sort of space crafts … 4 of them had come to watch the event about to take place.

the moon suddenly turned a bright red … and moments later the moon went black and left the space before us … it drifted away to the right and was gone …

Another moon took its place… it wasn’t the normal moon…. it was another red moon that took its place and just as the red moon before it .. it suddenly faded to black and left the space … again drifting off to the right until it could no longer be seen…

Looking back at the space where the moon once was .. another red moon appeared…

I looked around and the world was a mess… chaotic .. the weather was harsh and yet the people around me acted oblivious to what was going on.

They were dealing with the chaos and weather and yet not understanding what was really going on…

In this vision I was very pregnant and frantic about trying to get everyone to understand what was going on … what was REALLY going on … I was trying to make them “SEE”. But it was as if no one understood… and they really didn’t care… sure they cared about what was happening to themselves but not about what was happening to the world.

Our whole world was in jeapordy …. not just their own little worlds… but the entire planet.


The creator can give us the most amazing, dramatic signs … he can place them right there in front of us… just above our heads and until we open our eyes to truly see whats going on … it will be noticed but UNSEEN

You know… you need to care about more than just your own private space…

What exactly are you leaving behind for your children, your grandchildren, your great grandchildren…. Have you made your world a better place?

Placing a larger house on it doesn’t necessarily make it better … a new place to shop doesn’t make it better, more roads doesn’t make it better

How about clean air, fresh water? Just to name a couple of things… very important things….

Many Blessings,



Today I’d like to hear your thoughts….

Let me be the student and you the teacher …

Now… what is it you’d like to say?

What inspires you?

What gets you up out of bed in the mornings?

What keeps you moving even though you want so badly to give up or take a break?

What motivates you?

What lessons have you learned?

What makes you feel better?

What makes you smile?

What makes you sad?

What is it that you could share today?


Listen to the Trees….

The message I get today from Spirit is … Listen to the Trees… there is much wisdom and medicine we can get from the trees… we need only to listen.

Here is a great site I found as a resource to finding out what medicines each tree offers.

Many Blessings,

What Do You See?

What do you see?

Do you see the love I hold deep in my heart?
When you look into my eyes…

Do you see the pain from a broken past?
When you look into my eyes…

Do you see a mysterious knowing?
When you look into my eyes…

Do you see the child that lives and plays within?
When you look into my eyes…

Do you see the longing for love’s embrace?
When you look into my eyes…

Do you see fear manifesting from places untouched?
When you look into my eyes…

Do you see a stir of creativity?
When you look into my eyes…

Do you see the stories I have lived?
When you look into my eyes…

Do you see the quiet that only comes with age?
When you look into my eyes…

Do you see the daring for adventure and life?
When you look into my eyes…

Do you see compassion and faith?
When you look into my eyes…

Do you see the struggle and the fight?
When you look into my eyes…

Do you see the love and the light?
When you look into my eyes…

Do you see my heart and how it beats?
When you look into my eyes…

Do you sadness and wonder from where it comes?
When you look into my eyes…

Do you see the road I’ve traveled?
When you look into my eyes…

Do you see the wonders yet to come?
When you look into my eyes…

Do you see my spirit and how it likes to play?
When you look into my eyes…

Do you see the smile?
When you look into my eyes…

Do you see me?
When you look into my eyes

What do you see?

Many Blessings,

When the Moon was New

>On the night when the moon was new
I sent out love and blessings just for you

Grab the sweetgrass, the sage and the tobacco
I bet the neighbors think I’m wacko!

I’ve got some words I need to say
To send these blessings on their way

To the grandmothers and grandfathers of all the nations
To all my relations

May the sacred winds carry my words so that you may hear
Bless my friends, family and all those I hold dear

Carry away their fears, their worries and their pain
Fill them with love and light so they may shine even through the hardest of rain

Bless them with health, love and prosperity
Let’s not forget to give them vision with true clarity

Let’s keep their bad weather at bay
And give them more bright and sunny days

Allow their songs to be heard out loud
May they stand tall and proud

May they find balance in all things
Hear these words this raven sings

With love and honor I sing to you
Of blessings, love, hope and dreams coming true.

Many Blessings,

Messages From Spirit

>As always when I make these type posts .. I have a few messages from Spirit .. not sure who they are for … all I can do relay the message given to me and have faith that they will reach their intended target.


Watch where you are walking … be careful of the steps you take right now… there could be some hidden obstacles.


You are looking in the wrong place… what you seek is not outside of you …

You already know this.. so stop looking outside


It feels like there is something you are suppose to be doing… because you are …. what are you waiting for.. take the bull by the horns and get busy..


It doesn’t matter if anyone else cares about what you are doing or why … it only matters that you care … stop questioning your reason and just do it anyway. You are on the right path.


You have been given the signs… you hear the voice telling you what to do … so stop ignoring it!!!!!


Yellow… paint it yellow


Look up the properties of the image you see and you will understand


its in the song you sing


if you don’t care … who will? Stop pretending you don’t


Many Blessings,

October Breeze

October Breeze

Coming in quick .. quite like a sneeze
Bringing with it cold winds and colorful leaves

Days and nights with a chill in the air
Children dressing up to cause a scare!

Candy corn, caramel apples and spiced cider
Decorating with the web of a spider

A stirring comes from beyond the veil
The haunting sound of a wolf’s distant wail

A warm fire crackling in the night
Visions awakening the second sight

Frost soon covers the ground
The Earth begins to sleep and quiets its sound

Burrows and winter beds all being prepared
Now don’t you worry, don’t be scared.

Those sounds you hear in the night
Disappear with the morning light.

October breeze, what’s that you bring?
A mystic kind of feeling!

The song of a raven’s call…
The magical wonders of Fall.

Many Blessings,

Beneath the October Moon


Beneath the October Moon.. what’s that I see
Strange and exciting things have come to be

Once unseen, now visible to the eye
Witches, goblins and spirits.. Oh My!

What are they doing, why are they there
Have they come to cause a fright… a great big scare!

Up on their broomsticks and soaring through the sky
The year is now turning and the leaves are beginning to die.

Red, yellow, brown and gold
The days grow short as the nights grow cold

Be thankful now for the harvest reaped
Who’s that stepping through the veil to take a peek?

Those once here but now passed away
Have come over to say hello as they go on their way

Candles are lit for a safe passage through
Don’t worry , only silly ghosts say BOO!

From here to the other side they shall pass
The year has flown by way too fast

Hug the ones you love and hold them tight
Keep them in your prayers and thoughts each and every night

Life is short, you never know when it may end
Many blessings for peace and love I now send.

From my heart these words now pass from me to you
May Blessings fall upon you and all your wishes and dreams come true!