Day: October 21, 2010

When Our Season Comes …




When Our Season Comes …

Summer now gone, winter is approaching fast
As the October wind comes blowing by
I stand in awe beneath the light, the moon does cast
And with a deep breath I let out a heavy sigh.

No time to stop … no time to rest
All we can do .. is our very best
The years keep coming and rolling past
The clock keeps ticking and time is flying by so fast

We look in the mirror and can’t believe our eyes
There’s no hiding … everyone must know
The years, oh how they do show
It’s in our eyes and all over our face
Hoping to age with a bit of grace

Feel the chill upon the breeze
Dear Creator, allow us age with ease.
May our aches and pains be few
May we be reborn of love with each morning dew

Lessons have come and lessons have gone
Life is our path and we must march on
Written in our memories… the life we’ve lived
May the love and knowledge gained from our travels be the gift we give

The pages of our life we turn with our own hands
May the path before you be a new beginning with no dead ends

Wisdom, our harvest from seeds once sown
May love and kindness be for what we were known.
When our journey finally comes to a stop
We’ll meet again on the mountaintop.

Our life now a whisper upon the breeze
When it comes time to say goodbye, may we pass with ease
Please be kind and smile when you see a passing dove
For our soul will be soaring with the greatest love

Many Blessings,

One Thousand Times

Barred Owl

One Thousand Times

One thousand times I’ve been born
One thousand times I’ve died

The years have passed by like a soft whisper in the wind
Days and nights gone without my knowing

One thousand paths I have walked
One thousand lessons I have learned

Tears I have cried for so many reasons
Smiles, laughter and love have helped me make it through the seasons

One thousand rights
One thousand wrongs

Blessings and curses bestowed upon me
Love, the miracle that always brings me back to why I’m ME

One thousand ways
One thousand times

One thousand pairs of eyes
One thousand ways to see

One thousand lips to be kissed
One thousand people, wondering if ever they were missed

One thousand ways to go
One thousand reasons to live again

One thousand times ……


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