Day: October 19, 2010

I Must Write!

The moon is growing full and the shadows dance softly across the wall…
Spirit speaks to me and I must answer the call

So, I write

I have tell you the words forming in my head
They swirl around like a whirlwind of Autumn leaves caught in the wind
Chasing after one another with no beginning and no end

and so, I write

My heart beats loudly, as if it is my own sacred drum
It’s hypnotic… like a transic thunder
I know this must sound crazy to some

But, I must write

The words, they come always in some sort of rhyme
I try to keep the words from matching
But they always end up sounding the same every time

and I continue to write

The words… what do they mean…is there really a story to be told
I often wonder what its all about
Wondering if answers will come when I’m grey and old

Spirit speaks … whispers in my ear

and so, I write

The animals have a voice
They not only speak, but also sing and call
If you can’t hear what they are saying, then that is your choice

and I write

Listen carefully.. its beyond the words that you hear
You say you have no clue what I’m saying
I say, let loose your fear

and I keep on writing

Hoping one day that you’ll know
You’ll get it, you’ll hear
You’ll have that moment when the world stops and you’ll shout WHOA!

and I’ll still be writing

Relaying messages from places of great mystery
Especially when the veil is thinning
That’s when the spirits past say, “Oh wow… she can hear me!”

and I write

So that thier messages can make it through
So their voices can still be heard
This is how it works.. through me – straight to you

So, I must write

This is the way it will be until my end
When I lay upon the the grass and close my eyes
With one last rhyme to send

I’ll write

Hold not onto fear
Caress dearly all that you love
That sound in the distance – that song in the wind
Remember, thats the Raven’s call that you hear!

Many Blessings,