Month: November 2010

What Life Makes Us

crow and mockingbirdWhat Life Makes Us

Life can certainly have something to do with who we each are.. how we interact with others, how we handle situations, how we treat others, how we view ourselves as well as the rest of the world.. but in the end we all have the choice to be what we make of ourselves.

It is always our choice at the beginning and end of each day how we choose to be.

We can treat ourselves and others with bitterness, hate, anger and dislike because of somewhere in your life you have been mistreated, abused or angered.. or we can treat ourselves and others with love and compassion.

Think about it.. from my point of view it seems pretty simple.. Acting in a negative way only creates more negativity … for instance: There has been a mistake on a bill you owe and you call up customer service to work it out.. if you are angered from the beginning and allow that anger to come across to the person trying to help you on the other end.. what good will that do? Does it make that person want to help you any more just because you are angry? Will you get the issue resolved any faster? And how far will that person on the other end of the line go to help correct the issue.. since you have been nothing but bitter and nasty towards them? And the same goes in the other direction.. you are the customer service rep and you’ve had a bad day or life for that matter and so you greet each customer with anger and nastiness … does it make you feel better? Does it help in any way to be that way or treat others in that way?

Being kind to others really isn’t that hard … and being kind to yourself may be what is needed to start you on that road.

We can live our lives using excuses of why and how we are who we have become ………. or we can choose to take responsibility for our own actions and be what we made of ourselves instead of what “life” may have made us.

Many Blessings,

Would You Come Back?

At this time of year we will see many instances of reflection. The year in review, this year’s best, this year’s worst, etc etc etc.

Well I want to take this moment to reflect in another way.

A while back I had a conversation with someone who doesn’t believe in reincarnation and her argument was “why would you want to come back?”.

My argument was “Why wouldn’t you?”.

It doesn’t matter if you believe in reincarnation or not.. that’s not what this post is about .. what it IS about is finding reasons to live life all over again.

Some of my reasons for wanting to live life all over again:

Falling in love all over again
Giving birth to my children, holding them in my arms all over again
The excitement and wonder of Christmas
Jumping in that huge pile of leaves that took you all day to rake up
Giggles and laughter
Moments spent with friends
Talking all night on the phone
The first kiss
Making a difference in someone’s life for the better
Feeling that first kick
Singing in the car, not caring who sees
Sunsets and sunrises
Summers first rain
Winters first snow
Snow angels
Snow days!
Trick or Treat
Wondering how the Easter Bunny got into the house to hide your eggs
Swinging as high as you can swing
Spinning in circles til you fall down
Cuddles with the one you love
Baby’s first words, steps
A cuddle by the fire
Hot soup on a cold winter’s day
Bubble baths
Birthday Cake!

This list goes on forever ………

Do you see? There is so much you would miss if not ever born.. why wouldn’t you want to do it over and over again?

No matter what you believe .. no matter how hard the road has been ..
there is reason to live!

Many Blessings,