Day: October 23, 2010

M A G I C !!!


Word of the day …. Magic!

What do you see.. feel ..or think … when you hear that word .. Magic ?

Me, I can’t help but smile.. for me so much comes to mind ..

I think of the full moon glowing so brightly in the midnight sky..
I see a golden sunset where the sky is full of magnificent colors..
I think of the sound of the leaves rustling on the ground in fall..
I see the country side filled with color suddenly when the winds change and the air cools in autumn..
I think of all the unseen around us ..
I think of the miracles that happen every day …
I see my children .. and remember the day they were born ..
It’s how I feel warm and fuzzy as my husband reaches out to hold my hand .. or when he brushes back my hair late at night..

It’s remembering the first kiss … his lips on mine and all the world fading away …
I think of all the dreams and wishes that have come and gone..
I feel my heart as it pounds when I lay my head on my husbands shoulder and inhale the scent I know as him and I am comforted and happy..

It’s winter’s first snow or spring’s first rain
It’s that four leaf clover you finally found
It’s being a kid and making snow angles on the ground

Magic to me is many things ..

It’s our song playing on the radio just as I was thinking of him
It’s letting go.. It’s opening up
It’s finding your place, your home.. your path
Its the laughter of a child
Its feeling free and going wild
Its in the trees, the flowers and all around
It’s fate It’s deja vu
It’s knowing
It’s in the shadows . .it’s in the light .. it’s throughout the day and even the night
It’s knowing when to stop or when to keep going on
It’s in your heart and in your soulIt’s a part of you ..
It’s something unexplainable.. just something you know.

It’s magic don’t you know!

Many Blessings,