When the Moon Turned Red

Last night I had this outstanding vision… I’ve had a bit of time to reflect on it and would like to share …

I was standing outside looking up at the night sky and there was this spectacular event going on… many people stopped to take notice

There was the moon and around the moon were several smaller moons circling around it … just outside the ring of smaller moons where some sort of space crafts … 4 of them had come to watch the event about to take place.

the moon suddenly turned a bright red … and moments later the moon went black and left the space before us … it drifted away to the right and was gone …

Another moon took its place… it wasn’t the normal moon…. it was another red moon that took its place and just as the red moon before it .. it suddenly faded to black and left the space … again drifting off to the right until it could no longer be seen…

Looking back at the space where the moon once was .. another red moon appeared…

I looked around and the world was a mess… chaotic .. the weather was harsh and yet the people around me acted oblivious to what was going on.

They were dealing with the chaos and weather and yet not understanding what was really going on…

In this vision I was very pregnant and frantic about trying to get everyone to understand what was going on … what was REALLY going on … I was trying to make them “SEE”. But it was as if no one understood… and they really didn’t care… sure they cared about what was happening to themselves but not about what was happening to the world.

Our whole world was in jeapordy …. not just their own little worlds… but the entire planet.


The creator can give us the most amazing, dramatic signs … he can place them right there in front of us… just above our heads and until we open our eyes to truly see whats going on … it will be noticed but UNSEEN

You know… you need to care about more than just your own private space…

What exactly are you leaving behind for your children, your grandchildren, your great grandchildren…. Have you made your world a better place?

Placing a larger house on it doesn’t necessarily make it better … a new place to shop doesn’t make it better, more roads doesn’t make it better

How about clean air, fresh water? Just to name a couple of things… very important things….

Many Blessings,

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