Month: July 2014

The Student and the Teacher

OwlToday I’d like to hear your thoughts….

Let me be the student and you the teacher …

Now… what is it you’d like to say?

What inspires you?

What gets you up out of bed in the mornings?

What keeps you moving even though you want so badly to give up or take a break?

What motivates you?

What lessons have you learned?

What makes you feel better?

What makes you smile?

What makes you sad?

What is it that you could share today?

Many Blessings,

Feel the Shift…

IMG_8802There are many shifts that will happen in our lives. Some shifts come and go without hardly a notice and others rock our world in such a way that great change is experienced and acknowledged. We are constantly moving into different phases of being and of knowing. As our lives progress, we can’t help but to change.

When a new shift of being draws near, you can feel it. It resonates within you to the very core of your being. Your soul knows it’s coming, your mind, however may want to try and dismiss this shift coming for what could be a wide array of reasons. The shift is necessary for your own personal growth. Find ways to ground yourself and hold steady as the transition takes place. When you begin fighting with the inevitable, it only creates chaos. Stay flexible and allow the shift to take place. Once through the shift you will find yourself in a better place. Mentally, emotionally, physically …. all together better.

Looking back, you’ll wonder why you ever stressed over the change to begin with and wonder why you fought it and why you didn’t allow it to take place sooner.

The key is listening to your own intuition, that inner knowing that lives inside you will let you know when these shifts are coming. Listen and trust!

Many Blessings,

Natchez Trace Parkway – Jackson Falls

Jackson Falls and the Double Arch Bridge on Natchez Trace Parkway.. there is something quite mystical about this waterfall.. You’ll see that in the photos.

Here’s a video of my drive down the first few miles of Natchez Trace and photos below:


Many Blessings,

Facebook Covers

dandelion3 I’ve created a large set of Facebook covers from some of my photos and thought I’d share them for everyone to use as they wish.

Check them out on my facebook page: Life Through Raven Eyes and make sure to “Like” my page because I’ll be adding new covers as I take more photos 🙂


Many Blessings,

Hummingbird Magic

Hummingbird a symbol for accomplishing that which seems impossible. It can teach you how to find the miracle of joyful living in your own life. It teaches you to purse your dreams and bring them into reality. You must believe in your own dreams and with work they will manifest.

Hummingbird medicine is herbal; it shows us how to use flowers for healing. They teach us how to draw life essence from flowers and create your own medicines.

Many Blessings,

Fall Hollow – Natchez Trace Parkway

Today I took a trip down Natchez Trace Parkway to Fall Hollow where you can hike to a couple of different waterfalls. I started the trek on the Tennessee side at the 444 mile marker and made my way down to mile marker 391.9 to Fall Hollow. The brochure said it was not an easy hike down or back up for that matter. About half way down I had to find a good sturdy stick to help me the rest of the way down. Without that stick I doubt I would have made it back up. It had rained all night and was still raining off and on today so the hike was worse than normal. There were lots of places you had to hold on to the trees to make it down to the next level. The good thing is you really don’t have to hike very far to reach the falls. There were 3 different falls to Ooooo and Ahhhh over and I’m glad I made the trip down to see them.

At the last waterfall I started taking a video and a little blue butterfly decided to pay me a visit. It danced all through the waterfall and then up into the forest where it disappeared.

Check out the video and the photos below 🙂

Many Blessings,

I’m Not You… I’m Me

happy to be me
I don’t look like you may think I should, but…
That’s okay because I’m not you… I’m Me

I don’t do things the way you think they should be done, but…
That’s okay because I’m not you… I’m Me

I may not react the way you think I should, but…
That’s okay because I’m not you… I’m Me

I don’t paint what you think I should paint, but…
That’s okay because I’m not you… I’m Me

I don’t say what you think I should say, but…
That’s okay because I’m not you… I’m Me

I may not eat the way you think I should eat, but…
That’s okay because I’m not you… I’m Me

I may not feel what you think I should feel, but…
That’s okay because I’m not you… I’m Me

I don’t see what you think I should see, but…
That’s okay because I’m not you… I’m Me

I don’t believe the way you think I should believe, but…
That’s okay because I’m not you… I’m Me

I’m perfectly good the way I am, being me the best way that I can. We are all different and that’s not bad. Instead of building bridges to keep us apart, lets build them so that we can come closer together. You bring the rope and I’ll bring the planks. Together we’ll build a connection that unites us.

Many Blessings,

Our Connection to the Rain

There certainly is something special about the rain… don’t ya think?

Feeling quite artistic this morning. Admiring the beauty that magically comes after the rain.

What is it about the rain that makes us feel so much more deeply? Could it be water being associated with our emotion and rain drops resembling tears?

The rain is said to soothe and lull us to sleep with its rhythmic sounds. There is a hush that comes over the Earth as the rain begins to fall and the only sound is that of the rain pounding against your shelter, your own heartbeat and your breathing.

Maybe it’s how the rain slows us down, physically and mentally. We certainly slow our pace and think before we rush out into it. Sometimes we even stay put and wait it out. It’s the perfect time to curl up in favorite place to read, watch a movie or just hang out with your favorite person or pet.

There certainly is something special about the rain… don’t ya think?

Here are some red roses on their last days, fading with the times, soon to give way to it’s life so another can be born.

Many Blessings,

Appreciating the Breeze

This morning I dragged my butt out of bed before 5 am and made my way to the lake with camera in hand. One of my biggest loves is capturing the beauty of nature on camera and sharing it with the world. This morning I found myself complaining A LOT! It went something like this:

What the hell was I thinking?
Why am I out in this heat this early in the morning!
My feet hurt
What’s that pain in my side, I don’t like that …
I’m hot
I’m covered in sweat
OH God, what am I doing
Too flippin late to turn back now
Where are all the animals, even they know it’s too hot for this shit
I’m exhausted already
I can’t breathe … where is the air????
God, it needs to rain!
I can’t wait to get back to my car and the bottle of Gatorade in the console
Oh, this is painful

And then something beautiful happened… I topped the ridge and a breeze came soaring through the trail. That moment when I first felt the breeze upon my skin was nothing less than heavenly. All the things I had been complaining about where non existent for that moment. There were no negative thoughts rushing through my mind any longer… just the wonderful sensation of that cool breeze and a thankful mindset. I made it back to my car with just a handful of photos to share but with a whole new appreciation for something else.

There is nothing more refreshing and beautiful than a breeze when you have been far too long in the stale air. 

Many Blessings,

The Magical Dragonfly

Dragonfly is connected to the symbolism of change and light. When the dragonfly shows up in your life, it may remind you to bring a bit more lightness and joy into your life. The dragonfly changes color as it matures and is a reminder that we should embrace our own transformation as we grow.

The Dragonfly

Swiftly buzzing through the air
Dancing on the breeze without a care.

Wings shimmering in the sunlight
Colors of change, taking flight.

From the water to the sky
Listen closely to the wisdom of the dragonfly

Don’t fear the changes in your life
For it doesn’t always bring one, strife

To transform is to grow
Bringing with it, wisdom in tow

Allow the light within, to shine bright
Unfold those wings and allow yourself to take flight

From these wings of mine
Let me be your reminder, your sign

Life is filled with joy and light
When change comes, don’t make it a fight.

Today I took a sort walk around the lake on my lunch hour and danced with a few of my winged friends.  Here are the photos.
Click on the images for a larger view. 

Many Blessings,

A World of Colors

Every day I begin my mornings with camera in hand, on the hunt for something to photograph. I know there is beauty to be found… so I search. I always seem to find something. It may not be as grand as the sunrise and a sky full of colors, but it is beauty in it’s raw, natural form. From the spider’s web to a buzzing bee to the dew on a dandelion or the bark of an old tree… there is beauty all around us that goes completely without notice by most. Take some time each day to see the beauty that surrounds you… give thanks to the Earth for the gift and enjoy life and all of it’s precious moments.

Many Blessings,

There’s Magic to be Found

There is magic to be found every day. 

Some days it is really hard to see the magic that is there, but it is still there.
Some days we really have to work on shifting our view to see the good in that day.
Some days it is easy.
Some days it’s right there in front of us, waving hello.
Some days it is hidden beneath a whole bunch of crap.
Some days we really have to dig.
Some days it’s a surprise.
Some days we need it more than others.
Some days we forget that its always there.
Some days, no matter how hard we look, we just can’t see it.
Some days all we need to do is feel it.
Some days it guides us.
Some days we don’t have to search.
Some days it saves us.

The magic is there… it is always there. If you can’t see it… look again. If that doesn’t work… keep looking. Eventually you’ll see it and if not today, there is tomorrow. 

Many Blessings,

Finding What You’re Looking For

WP_20140703_009This morning as I sat in the grass, searching for 4 leaf clovers I thought about the search… not just the search for special clovers, but the search in general.

As I searched, I found myself ever so focused on what I was looking for. All other “things” were on the sidelines as I searched for these elusive clovers. I found one, and kept searching. I found another and continued to search. I found 3 then 4 and 5 and 6 and I kept searching. I found that I kept finding 4 leaf WP_20140703_007clovers until I decided to stop searching.

The same can be said about: Love, Success, Opportunity, Wisdom, Peace, Knowledge, Answers and everything else that one might search for.

You will continue to find what you seek until you decide to stop looking for it.

You may not always be happy with what you find or how you find it… but the choice is always there to keep searching.

WP_20140703_001It is fully up to you to decide when you have found enough and are ready to move on to the next search.

The search won’t always be easy, depending on what it is you are looking for. Sometimes you have to dig deep and go below the surface to find it. Sometimes it is right in front of you, but for whatever reason, you just can’t see it. The thing is… you will eventually find it for as long as you don’t give up searching for it.

For me this morning … the answer is 20. I found 20 four leaf clovers this morning before I decided that I had found enough, became happy with what I had found and stopped looking. 🙂


Many Blessings,

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