Day: July 29, 2014

Feel the Shift…

IMG_8802There are many shifts that will happen in our lives. Some shifts come and go without hardly a notice and others rock our world in such a way that great change is experienced and acknowledged. We are constantly moving into different phases of being and of knowing. As our lives progress, we can’t help but to change.

When a new shift of being draws near, you can feel it. It resonates within you to the very core of your being. Your soul knows it’s coming, your mind, however may want to try and dismiss this shift coming for what could be a wide array of reasons. The shift is necessary for your own personal growth. Find ways to ground yourself and hold steady as the transition takes place. When you begin fighting with the inevitable, it only creates chaos. Stay flexible and allow the shift to take place. Once through the shift you will find yourself in a better place. Mentally, emotionally, physically …. all together better.

Looking back, you’ll wonder why you ever stressed over the change to begin with and wonder why you fought it and why you didn’t allow it to take place sooner.

The key is listening to your own intuition, that inner knowing that lives inside you will let you know when these shifts are coming. Listen and trust!

Many Blessings,