Day: August 3, 2010

The Dance of Life

Much has been said about life and music..

From all over you have heard words and phrases… comparing the two

Life is a dance …

One dances to the beat of his own drum…

Music is the poetry of the air…

If music be the food of love; play on…

So lets take that popular phrase “Life is a dance”

and if it is to be a dance … how do you place your feet?

What is the nature of your dance?

Do you stomp loud and boisterous through this life

or do you step gently and glide as if upon the wings of wind

Do you dance slow or fast ?

Do you swing across the floor of this life or hop ?

What is your dance?

What is the musical foundation of your dance?

It does not matter your style of dance so much as it matters the music within your soul.. and how you treat it.

Is it ignored or honored?

It’s your dance … your music .. your life

Live it well and dance with honor and love

Many Blessings,

Animal Totems


Took the survey in the back of Stan Hughes book, Medicine Seeker today … its about animal totems ..

196 question survey to help you find your totems

This is how I scored: (my top totems)

highest possible scorefor any one animal is 21

20 – Quail

19- Wolf
19- Raven
19- Osprey
19- Coyote

18- Buffalo
18- Elk

17- Hawk
17- Eagle

16- Deer
16- Blue Heron
16- Hummingbird

14- Bobcat
14- Owl
14- Squirrel
14- Whale



No matter what …. no matter where you are .. or who you are with … BE YOU.

Why change according to where you are or who you are with?

Is there any satisfaction or happiness … If you cannot be YOU ..

It is one thing not to show all your cards to those who would not appreciate your hand .. but you can still be yourself …

Find that happy medium wher you can be yourself without telling all your secrets .. all your life stories ..

Many Blessings,


Have You?

>sun, moon, raventalker

The Wind..
have you stepped outside and stood still just to feel the wind .. how it rushes by you and wraps its translucent arms around you .. have you allowed it to wipe clean all the negativity from your being .. and allowed it to take all that is not good away from you have you taken in the beauty of the wind and the freedom that it symbolizes. Have you?

The Rain
have you stood out in the rain lately and just allowed it to drench your soul.. let it wash over your body and wash away your worries.. your fears.. your sadness and your grief have you felt the rains watery embrace have you felt the beauty of the rain .. have you allowed the rain to fill you with love and nourishment have you taken in all that the rain symbolizes and gives .. have you?

The Sun
have you laid upon a bed of clover on a sunny day and allowed the suns rays to fill you with light.. from the inside out have you felt the suns warmth .. have you felt its warm embrace hold you and comfort you have you seen the beauty of the sun and all that it gives.. have you allowed the sun to help you grow like the flowers in the field .. the trees in the park and the roses in the garden .. have you?

The Moon
have you sat beneath the full moon and seen its beauty have you felt the magic .. the power the moon holds.. have you allowed the moon to embrace you and hold you within the dark night have you felt the moons love .. have you been witness to the many gifts the moon allows.. have you?

Have YOU?
Have you felt what the world around you gives? Do you know of the magic that surrounds us all? Have you listened to the world and have you heard the secrets the earth whispers in your ears .. ? Can you feel its energy? Do you know the love?

Even tho so ignored by most .. the Earth , she still gives.. she still loves..
many take and take and take .. and yet never even think of giving back or even to say thank you .. She has no breaks no vacations.. no pay and no acknowledgment .. but yet she continues to give.. continues to care and continues to take care of all the children that play upon her surface..

Today take a minute and think about what you do .. think about how you would feel if so mistreated and ignored

Just think about it ..

Many Blessings,

I am Raventalker


I am Raventalker.. keeper of the ways of old and ancient times.. hear my call as it echos through the distant chimes

I am Raventalker … blending with the night .. carrying with me a sacred kind of light

I am Raventalker .. perched upon a limb .. forever watching and recording life’s mysteries… come sit and listen as I tell my stories

I am Raventalker .. guardian of the mystic void..

I am Raventalker…. with words of rhyme I send to thee.. magick filled with love .. flying through the air or perched in a tree.

I am Raventalker.. with eyes of green I see beyond the veil.. into the many worlds that are and are not seen.

I am Raventalker … silent as the night when need be.. but often speaking of the ancient ways to anyone who wishes to learn and hear me.

I am Raventalker .. here my call.. I’ll speak of truth and knowledge … a wisdom from times gone by… listen.. for I am Raventalker now and forever til the day I die.

Many Blessings,

The Tiger


In honor of the Tiger that came to me in a ceremonial vision last night:

Passion, Power, Devotion

The Tiger is the symbol of darkness
and the new Moon.

When a Tiger totem enters your life,
expect new adventures.
It will awaken new passion and power.

Tiger people do their best work at night.
They are very sensual and passion people and devoted parents.
Your best work will be done at night.
Tigers are associated with water and have all the properties of the element of Water –
healing, power through gentle flow, feminine energies.

In China, there are 5 mystic tigers:
The red tiger is south, summer and fire,
the black tiger is the symbol of north, winter and water,
the blue tiger is east, spring and vegetation,
the white tiger is west, autumn and all metals,
the yellow tiger is ruler of the Earth and its energies.

Many Blessings,