Day: August 25, 2010

Today’s Blessing

As I stepped out my house this morning to make my way to work .. I was blessed by a gorgeous view of the full moon and then as I backed my car from the driveway I am yet again blessed.. this time by an equally gorgeous view of the sunrise… and I am thankful for the gifts Creator has given.

So here’s my blessing for you today….

May you always see the beauty that surrounds you each day..

May every sunrise warm your heart …

May the moonlighht always fill you with magic …

May you always know you are loved …

May your path be gentle …

May your lessons by quick…

May your worries by less….

May your love forever grow….

May your heart be full..

May your mind find some peace….

I send to you my love and blessings for a wonderful day

Many Blessings,