Day: August 31, 2010

No Time To Sleep

Feeling like I’m in a bit of a trance
The visions are coming … they wanna dance

Skipping and hopping all through my head
As I lay .. tossing and turning in my bed

The air… soon to turn from warm to cold
I’ve got stories … yet to be told

More chapters to add to my book
I close my eyes for a peek.. a quick little look

What’s that whisper Spirit speaks in my ear
There’s still work to be done.. get ready my dear

Oh great, there’s lots more to do
Sorry, it’s a secret and I can’t yet tell you

Looks like I’ll be working beneath both the moon and the sun
I’ll be working til it all gets done

No time to rest
I have to do my very best

Staying on top of my game
Afterall .. Raventalker IS my name!

These visions that come in the night
They show me the way, the path thats right

Obstacles to overcome and hurdles to leap
They show me the way, while I sleep

Like the Autumn breeze
The visions dance through my head with ease

Here they come.. I’ve got to go
It’s time for a another late night show!

Many Blessings,