Day: August 24, 2010

Today’s Feast

From The Cherokee Feast of Days – Volume II

August 24th

Never let another tell you what to think and what to do. Start now to think things through and get ready for what you want. You have to be prosperous in your thinking long before you see the money. Your health must have the support of your mind and words before it can keep its good condition. You have to be lovable before anyone can love you.

We think “instant” when it takes time. Remember the flower – first the bud and then the bloom, and all the steps in between. What do you want? See it now in your mind, and keep seeing it so clearly that it becomes a treasure map. Enjoy looking at it and stop questioning whether it is going to work. It is your map – give it your attention.

Many Blessings,




One of the biggest obstacles we are challenged with overcoming in life is trusting ourselves… trusting that inner voice .. and that gut instinct.

Although we will be overwhelmed with a particular feeling about a person, event, situation, etc .. we will question ourselves and question whether we are making the correct decision.. and quite often we will take the opposite of what we feel to be true.

We allow fearful thoughts to take over and push away that “knowing” we already possess.

I’m sure most of you can think back and find that those times you pushed away your instinct .. that ‘knowing” and took an alternate route .. and then found yourself quickly thinking .. DANG .. I SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO MYSELF!

I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN … lol becomes a common phase that runs through our minds ..

How do you begin to trust yourself.. that inner knowing inside?

Well, that’s the hard part … you have to just do it as each situation presents itself ..

You will have to determine which thoughts are just fear talking and which are that true inner knowing inside you.

Good luck and many blessings,