Day: August 22, 2010

Message From Spirit

Today Spirit guides me to ask this one question…

The steps you are taking …. are they taking you down the path that is yours or someone elses?

Do we follow our own hearts and dreams or do we follow that of others? …

We cannot make everyone happy but we can do what is needed to make ourselves happy …

By trying to live your life by the terms of another we do not live for ourselves and in the end neither will be happy..

For they will find that they were the only ones who could fulfill their own happiness and the same is said for each of us.

Many Blessings,

Things To Do

Today’s wisdom …..

Stop making those “To-Do Lists” and just DO!

Why sit and make a list of things to do … all you accomplish is a collection of lists .. get out and do those things instead!

You will feel so much more accomplished and full if instead of sitting at home making a list .. you actually got up and did the things you wish to do.

You already know what it is that you want to do .. do you really need a written list to remind you?

So come on … get up .. let’s go get something done today!!

Many Blessings,