The Vision of the Cabin

Today, I share with you a personal vision I’ve had since my early twenties. I speak about a specific cabin off the grid, out in the country at the base of a small mountain with a creek that runs nearby. I describe the cabin and everything that I see, sense and know.

Many Blessings,

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Journey to the Summit

A vision I had one afternoon on my way home from work …  

Today the Grandmothers came for a visit …

Straight away one of them came over and grabbed me by the ear and said “come on, we must go”.

“Go where?”, I asked … “nevermind that, just come on”.

They said we had to get to the top of that mountain … as one of the grandmothers  pointed to this remote, very steep mountain top that looked to be somewhere in Asia.

IMG_8184The mountain was a very tall, thin, pointy looking mountain.  I thought to myself … OH DEAR! How on earth am I getting up there?

I started grabbing a few things as they pulled me to the base of the mountain. Things I thought I might need to help me along the way.

Off we went up the mountain. The sun beating down on my back felt like a brick house pushing me down. The grandmothers seem to have no trouble at all climbing this mountain. How could I be out-done by a couple of old ladies?!

I kept climbing …

As I climbed I began letting loose of some of those things I thought I needed. I had to shed some weight to make it to the top of this darned mountain. I had to lighten the load!

I’m not sure how long it took. It seemed like a long time … but it was still daylight when we reached the top.

I reached the top and there was a bench just overlooking the edge. I made my way over to the bench and sat down.

Exhausted, I sat there for a while trying to catch my breath and gather my senses.

The grandmothers behind me say, “What do you see? What do you feel? what do you hear? and what do you know?”

“I know I’m beat!”, I thought to myself… 

I sat there for a few moments looking out over the amazing view … wondering to myself… “ok what is it they WANT me to see, hear, feel, and know?” hmmmmmmmmmm

“Forget about us for a moment and just speak your mind”, they said.

I took in a deep breath and closed my eyes. I could smell the flowers. Each scent individual and then a lingering of how they mingled together. I felt the cool breeze as it washed over my face and brushed through my hair. I felt the once hot sun, now warming me as it dried my dripping wet clothes and it felt like a golden hug from heaven. I could hear the wind as it blew through each blade of grass and how it seemed to whisp around the whole mountain, encircling us all. I opened my eyes and I could see clear across the valley below without my glasses on. The colors on the leaves as the sun played among the branches of every tree were so vivid. 

“Now, what do you know?” they asked.

I know that somehow I feel lighter … even though I am in body the same as when I started up the mountain …. and beside the fact of my material load being gone, I feel lighter inside myself.  I don’t quite understand how, but I feel so light that it is as if I could glide down this mountain like a leaf in the wind.

I feel weightless… inside and out.

“Think about this for a while”, they said … “stay here and allow your mind to become crystal clear”.

Suddenly I replayed the memory of myself climbing this mountain and I watched as I started to lighten my load. Each time I let go of something it became something else… like thoughts or behaviors. My concentration was solely on getting up this mountain and all those things I thought I needed weren’t helping at all. Without thinking about it I began to let these things go as I made my way upward.  Then suddenly there I was… at the top.

I smirked .. smart old women ….

We need nothing but what is inside us to make it to where we want to go.. with a strong will and a bit of direction, we will get there as long as we don’t give up and keep our eyes forward.

Thank you Grandmothers for this journey …  there are always lessons to be learned.

Many Blessings,

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Keeping the Dream Alive

crystalballDon’t allow the best things in your life to die out because you give up something as special as a dream ..

It’s good to have dreams, hopes and ambition…  Our dreams keep us alive.. keep us going .. keep hope within our hearts.. Our dreams are to be cherished and our dreams are meant to be followed and then realized and finally to be lived..

Don’t ever let anyone make you feel that your dreams or hopes are silly .. if it’s in your heart and something you feel strongly about wanting to do … then do it .. do it with great passion and intent … it’s up to you to make your own dreams come true.. don’t sit around and wait for it to happen .. take action.

In the mean time.. it never hurts to lay your head down each night and wish upon the stars… by doing so you are confirming your wish.. your desire to make things happen ..

An Affirmation – the assertion that something exists or is true. ( or soon will be)

So lay down your heads tonight .. with a smile in your heart .. dream a dream of all dreams and dare to follow that dream.. realize it and live it ..

The first step in creating the life of your dreams .. is believing!

Many Blessings,

Climbing the wall

castle wallLast night I had a dream…. many things went on in the dream but what stood out most for me was a moment about climbing a wall..

I was in this large brick building .. really huge… seemed vey open

Some guy came along and was showing off what he could do.. he jumped onto the wall and was scaling the wall with bare hands and feet ..  I said to him … I can do that .. and began scaling the wall as well..

I thought to myself … of course he can go higher than me .. he’s much stronger than me…

I continued to climb for the sake of climbing …. as he just bounced all over the place showing off

Suddenly I realized I could as well climb just as high… but I didn’t … I kept that to myself and just let him show off

It was enough for me to know I could. I smiled to myself.

Once I came to the realization that I could do it .. I climbed down and landed my feet firmly on the ground… dusted off my hands and went about my business. With a smile of knowing inside me.

You see sometimes that’s all it takes… realizing that we can do something that we once thought we couldn’t.

Once you know you can.. you choose to do or not to do .. you don’t just not do it because you “think” it can’t be done…

The power of knowing is a great thing and can change your world completely.



Many Blessings,

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What its Like to Soar

IMG_3733What its Like to Soar

I was given a precious gift by way of dream/vision one night not long ago …. settle into your seat and I’ll tell you about my journey into the night.

As I lay down my head for the night I was instantly transported into a dream/vision state of mind.

I saw myself painted white from head to toe with dark markings below my eyes and upon my lips … to me this was right away a sign that this was to be about new visions, a way of seeing things in a new perspective and with the markings on my lips .. this was to signify that I should speak about what it was I am seeing. So here I go…

I lay there upon a table painted and marked and from my body another image is being born… I see that I am giving birth to myself once again .. ever growing.. ever changing and transforming … I emerge from the shell that was me as the raven and then straight away I transform into the eagle.

This said to me that yes I am the raven .. but inside me I also carry the strength of the eagle… the experience that came after was nothing less than amazing…

As I transformed from one bird to another I felt the strength of the eagle.. the power was overwhelming and amazing … straight up I flew .. quickly into the sky above ….

Soaring higher than ever before… from this height I was able to look down and see the world … my world and the world around me from a new perspective. The shear power behind each flap of my wings was unimaginable.. I felt strength throughout my entire being like never before.. I felt so very strong and it was with great force that I flew. I drifted on the winds above and the view was amazing!

Normally in my life I feel very weak and vulnerable.. most often in a fragile state, easily hurt (emotionally), rarely noticed and very small in the world, insignificant in the world as a whole. In this vision I was given a whole other feeling… opposite of what I experience in my day to day living.

What I was able to take from this gift of vision:

Even tho I may feel small and fragile, I have inside me the strength to soar to higher ground.

I shall not forget the strength I felt as the eagle and how it was to soar so far above what I had ever imagined possible.. I shall keep with me the knowledge that I do have what it takes to make it there .. it just takes a bit of faith and flying full force into the direction of our dreams. A knowing that within me lies all the tools I need to be me at my greatest.

My message to everyone else….

We all hold the tools needed … we just have to know that they are there and then use them to get us where we are meant to be.

It doesn’t matter what or how we think others see us .. it is all about how we see ourselves that matters.


Many Blessings,

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Today’s Feast

From The Cherokee Feast of Days – Volume II

August 24th

Never let another tell you what to think and what to do. Start now to think things through and get ready for what you want. You have to be prosperous in your thinking long before you see the money. Your health must have the support of your mind and words before it can keep its good condition. You have to be lovable before anyone can love you.

We think “instant” when it takes time. Remember the flower – first the bud and then the bloom, and all the steps in between. What do you want? See it now in your mind, and keep seeing it so clearly that it becomes a treasure map. Enjoy looking at it and stop questioning whether it is going to work. It is your map – give it your attention.

Many Blessings,