Keeping the Dream Alive

crystalballDon’t allow the best things in your life to die out because you give up something as special as a dream ..

It’s good to have dreams, hopes and ambition…  Our dreams keep us alive.. keep us going .. keep hope within our hearts.. Our dreams are to be cherished and our dreams are meant to be followed and then realized and finally to be lived..

Don’t ever let anyone make you feel that your dreams or hopes are silly .. if it’s in your heart and something you feel strongly about wanting to do … then do it .. do it with great passion and intent … it’s up to you to make your own dreams come true.. don’t sit around and wait for it to happen .. take action.

In the mean time.. it never hurts to lay your head down each night and wish upon the stars… by doing so you are confirming your wish.. your desire to make things happen ..

An Affirmation – the assertion that something exists or is true. ( or soon will be)

So lay down your heads tonight .. with a smile in your heart .. dream a dream of all dreams and dare to follow that dream.. realize it and live it ..

The first step in creating the life of your dreams .. is believing!

Many Blessings,

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