Day: February 21, 2011

Writing the story of your life…

Writing the story of your life…

If you were to write the story of your life .. what kind of book would it be?

Would it be full of happiness? Sorrow? Adventure? Romance? Mystical Experiences? Mayhem and Chaos? Hardship? Mystery? Miracles?

What would you highlight?

Where would it begin and what sort of ending would you hope for?

Would it have been a life of learning or teaching or a bit of both?

Would it be a life filled with happiness .. interrupted by moments of something other?

Would be a life time of hardship and sorrows with brief moments of happiness scattered about?

Would you highlight the best moments of your life or the worst?

Which chapters would you leave out and which ones would you speak about most?

Who would the heroes be?

Who would the villains be and who won the battles?

Were there any wars fought? How many did you win and how many were lost?

Was it even about winning or losing?

Was it a life lived or a life that passed you by?

What would the story of your life tell us?

Just a bit of something to think about …. 🙂

Many Blessings,

Imagine that we are like books … most know us only by our cover … some know us a bit deeper and have read our inner flap … even fewer know our whole story.

Just as with a book.. you can’t get a full understanding of its contents just by it’s cover .. you gain a bit more knowledge once you read the inner flap of that book…but that will only be a short summary … certainly not the whole story…. to understand fully its contents you must read through the whole thing from beginning to end.

We all have many chapters within us …. some we have finished, some we have not yet finished, some we cut short, some we still have ahead of us to write.