Day: February 22, 2011

Climbing the wall

castle wallLast night I had a dream…. many things went on in the dream but what stood out most for me was a moment about climbing a wall..

I was in this large brick building .. really huge… seemed vey open

Some guy came along and was showing off what he could do.. he jumped onto the wall and was scaling the wall with bare hands and feet ..  I said to him … I can do that .. and began scaling the wall as well..

I thought to myself … of course he can go higher than me .. he’s much stronger than me…

I continued to climb for the sake of climbing …. as he just bounced all over the place showing off

Suddenly I realized I could as well climb just as high… but I didn’t … I kept that to myself and just let him show off

It was enough for me to know I could. I smiled to myself.

Once I came to the realization that I could do it .. I climbed down and landed my feet firmly on the ground… dusted off my hands and went about my business. With a smile of knowing inside me.

You see sometimes that’s all it takes… realizing that we can do something that we once thought we couldn’t.

Once you know you can.. you choose to do or not to do .. you don’t just not do it because you “think” it can’t be done…

The power of knowing is a great thing and can change your world completely.



Many Blessings,

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Stained Glass Guitar Project

My newest additction in stained glass… I’m working on a series of life sized guitars made of stained glass …

At the moment I have them all pieced together and it’s now time to start adding the real guitar parts to them .. I’ll be adding the bridge, stop, knobs and machine heads from real guitars and then also adding strings but not real guitar strings

I’m choosing not to use real guitar strings because of effect really .. the smaller strings would never be seen if I used real ones .. so choosing a wire that is a middle of the line guage between the thickest string and the smallest…. hopefully that will turn out ok.. we will soon see.

Have a look at some of the guitars so far….



  Can’t wait to get the parts added on see how the finished products will turn out!

Many Blessings,

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