life’s dance

A Butterfly Kind of Day

Something about today feels really good and makes me smile. A very positive, uplifting day. Butterflies suddenly appear and bring us a reminder about extracting the joy in life and they remind us to enjoy life’s dance. They also bring us messages from our loved ones who have passed over. Today… Find your Joy … Find your Happiness!

Many Blessings,

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Shake It!

When the sun is shining bright …

When the wind is firecly blowing …

When the day turns to night …

When the moon is silently glowing …

When the rain is coming down …
When the music makes no more sound …
When the storm has come to pass…

When the day has begun anew…
When you have nothing left to do….

Many Blessings,

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The Dance of Life

Much has been said about life and music..

From all over you have heard words and phrases… comparing the two

Life is a dance …

One dances to the beat of his own drum…

Music is the poetry of the air…

If music be the food of love; play on…

So lets take that popular phrase “Life is a dance”

and if it is to be a dance … how do you place your feet?

What is the nature of your dance?

Do you stomp loud and boisterous through this life

or do you step gently and glide as if upon the wings of wind

Do you dance slow or fast ?

Do you swing across the floor of this life or hop ?

What is your dance?

What is the musical foundation of your dance?

It does not matter your style of dance so much as it matters the music within your soul.. and how you treat it.

Is it ignored or honored?

It’s your dance … your music .. your life

Live it well and dance with honor and love

Many Blessings,