Month: November 2014

Who Am I?

IMG_5903I’ve been called by many names…. some good, some bad. It has taken me many years to realize that it doesn’t matter what others know me by, what matters is how I know myself. It doesn’t matter what they want to call me… it only matters what I believe within myself to be true.

This is something, I’m sure that we all struggle with from time to time… “Not letting the voice of others get stuck in our head“.

Words hurt and they stick to us like some sort of gorilla glue…. that shit is nearly impossible to get off. It takes a conscious ongoing effort to stop those words from hanging around in our heads. A daily reminder that their words are more of a reflection of them than us. Their words, their opinions… only have meaning to us if we allow them to. Only if we do in fact act out what they have suggested, do we become what they say we are.

Be kind to yourself and don’t be one of those people who sends out those hurtful “gorilla glue” words to others.

Just be kind.

Many Blessings,

Twin Flames – Wolf Painting


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Twin Flames is the name of this original mixed media painting on 16″ x 20″ gallery wrapped canvas.

This painting was created using 2 forms of media: acrylics and ink. The background is done in ink while the wolves are created with acrylics.

Feel the love and connection between these two souls. Singing to each other’s heart into the winds of eternity, vowing their love and devotion to each other.

Wolves mate for life. They have a family life that is more loyal and dedicated than most human relationships.

make sure and click the painting to view it in my Etsy shop!

Many Blessings,

Serendipity – Magical Moments

I love how the world stays constantly mysterious to us and how magical moments come from many sources. You never know when magic will pop into your life and how it will turn out.

I found this $5 bill in my wallet today … funny being that this is today’s date!! Anyone know who did this and why? I nearly handed it over to pay for my breakfast this morning. As I was switching it from one hand to the other I saw the writing, did a double take, checked my phone to verify today’s date and there it was. I quickly put it back in my wallet and grabbed some other bills to pay for breakfast! How odd and how fun. It reminded me of the movie Serendipity. 🙂

Please share to help me solve the mystery.

Many Blessings,

Where I am…

IMG_0254I have heard many quotes about the past…. from leaving it behind to not living there anymore to it defining who we are.

My message today is: It’s not about my past, it’s about where I am right now. 

Does my past define me? NO, but it has played a part in how I have shaped myself.

Do we carry the past around with us? Yes, of course we do, the past is filled with lessons that we went through for a reason. If we left them on the side of the road and forgot them, we would just repeat them over and over again. So, our past does follow us in that way. We just need to not allow the past to interfere with our progress forward.

The past is for me to remember and keep those lessons learned, not for you to worry about.

The past does not define me, I define me. I choose the steps I take each and every day. The past taught me lessons that I shall not forget that help me make better choices in my walk.

Many Blessings,

New Raven Creations!!

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Many Blessings,

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Many Blessings,

Soaring on the Winds of Time

IMG_0713I am the Raven soaring upon the winds of time….
I bring to you my words .. with and without rhym

I sing my call into the sacred winds so they may carry my words to all that wish to hear
I sing of love, praise, honor and a life without fear

I fly to the North through the gateway of the mind…. and bring back knowledge and wisdom … I met with the buffalo and gained peace of mind. Connecting with the air… I soared the heavens and pondered the philosophies of life

I fly to the South through the gateway of emotions ….and bring back trust and innocence…. I met with the mouse and gained control of my deepest feelings. Connecting with the water… I frolicked in song and dance

I fly to the East through the gateway of spirit … and bring back illumination and enlightenment…. I met with the eagle and connected with our Great Spirit. Bonding with fire I began to create, paint and write once again….

I fly to the West through the gateway of the body … and bring back introspection and intuition… I met with the bear and found myself … my own inner knowing. Bonding with the Earth I found the heartbeat of magic.

I have flown in all directions.. gathered much
Now under the moon … under the sun .. under the stars above…
I give to you balance … I give to you my love

With honor and blessings this night and all
Hear my words .. as the raven calls…

Many Blessings,