changing your thoughts

Releasing the Pain

Yesterday I was going through some photos and noticed that there was a distinct difference in my eyes from a year thenandnowago and a photo I took yesterday. I photochopped them side by side with the dates under them and posted this photo to my Facebook page. Friends were posting how I looked so much better, more alive, happier, healthier, etc. I have not lost a  single pound, I’ve not changed my diet or exercise routine… yeah that’s still non-existent at the moment .. lol.

One friend finally said “Wow, what did you do differently?”

I went internal and thought the question over for only a brief moment when the light came on and I replied “I stopped feeling like I was nothing.”

Typing those words out and seeing them on the screen in front of me… reading them back to myself out loud, I got teary eyed and in that moment I released a world of pain that had been building up inside me for a very long time.

Many Blessings,



I paused for some time this morning and ask Spirit to guide me into the right direction for today’s blog topic. I gathered my Vision Quest cards, put on some soothing music and allowed myself to be in the moment. As I sat there shuffling the cards, Spirit showed me a small herd of  deer just over the hill across the way. They peered over the hillside, looking right over in my direction and I smiled inside. I sat there shuffling my cards and taking in the moment. As I watched outside my window, the wind was blowing and leaves would rush past, some of them resembling other things. I thought one was a small bird and another I thought an animal rushing behind a shrub for cover from the freezing wind. I shuffled my cards a little longer and when I stopped this was the card that layed on my desk. TRANSFORMATION.

My first thought as I looked down upon this card before me wasn’t of a physical transformation but a transformation of thought.

We have the power within us to transform. Transform our mind, body and spirit. I am my own example this morning as I am not  feeling very good today, a bit moody for reasons I don’t even know… I just am.  Every time I begin to think negative thoughts I found myself whispering.. stay positive… stay positive. So I would focus on positive thoughts until another negative one tried to creep in … and there I would go again, whispering to myself “stay positive, think positive thoughts”.  It may not be easy, it may not be simple but if you wish to transform whether it be your body, your life, your thoughts or something else in your life…. you can do this. Persistence and a will to change is all that is needed to set the wheels in motion for whichever transformation you wish to create.

Many Blessings,

Wishful Thinking

WP_20140602_008Daily Wisdom by Raventalker 8-4-2010

Spirit whispers in my ear to send out a message today for all to be aware of wishful thinking .

I’m not speaking about the kind of “I wish I could win the lotto” kind of thinking.

I’m speaking about a way of thinking that turns things and situations into what you wish them to be … not what they are.

This happens often and most of us do this at some point in our lives … What Spirit asks is that you become aware of it.

Often, we see signs, it could be a word or phrase or even our lucky number or possibly even a certain animal that reminds us of something or someone particular.  Wishful thinking is when you push what you want onto that sign and make it be about what you want to happen instead of what the sign is really meant to be about.

We can want for something so badly that everything we see turns into a sign about that particular thing.  Later down the road when things don’t turn out as you thought or hoped for, you might say something like “but the signs….”

Well yes you were given signs …. But because of your “want” of something else you did not see what those signs were really for .. instead you made them out to be about what you wished them to be.

Spirit asks that you become more aware of doing this … he loves us all and wishes not for us to be left guessing at that point down the road.

Many Blessings,