Releasing the Pain

Yesterday I was going through some photos and noticed that there was a distinct difference in my eyes from a year thenandnowago and a photo I took yesterday. I photochopped them side by side with the dates under them and posted this photo to my Facebook page. Friends were posting how I looked so much better, more alive, happier, healthier, etc. I have not lost a  single pound, I’ve not changed my diet or exercise routine… yeah that’s still non-existent at the moment .. lol.

One friend finally said “Wow, what did you do differently?”

I went internal and thought the question over for only a brief moment when the light came on and I replied “I stopped feeling like I was nothing.”

Typing those words out and seeing them on the screen in front of me… reading them back to myself out loud, I got teary eyed and in that moment I released a world of pain that had been building up inside me for a very long time.

Many Blessings,


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