Awakening To Your True Self

Lets talk today about Awakening to your true self..

These are my thoughts alone so please don’t think I am saying that any of this
is ultimate truth for all.. because we all need to find our own truths .. and
that indeed is a part of awakening to the true self.

I feel as though we are born to be a certain person … or at least a
particular type person .. we are all born with particular gifts and it is for
us to find those gifts and develop them .. and then take them out into the
world and share them.

As we develop and grow we try on many faces. Hoping to find one that really
fits and feels right.

Awakening to our true self is identifying the face that needs no mask.
Identifying with your own soul .. finding the true you .. and then allowing
that person to be free.

Awakening causes us to put down our masks and be true to not just all that come
in contact with us but also true to ourselves.

We must awaken to the gifts we have been given and we must put them to use.

We must stop finding faults within and stop holding ourselves back with self
created fears and doubts.

We must find love for ourselves and then that love is free to pour out into the

Be proud and not ashamed of who you are.

Be strong and hold your head high. Do not allow the ideas and thoughts of
others make you hide your gifts or any other part of who you truly are.

Awakening to true self gives you freedom from such negative thoughts others may
project onto you.

Awakening to true self  … makes you aware of not only your surroundings in
the world.. but also to your own thoughts, actions and gifts.

When you are truly awake .. you see the world with new eyes … like the fog
has been lifted and suddenly things start becoming clear.

It’s not something that happens overnight, so don’t sit there expecting that to

I’m sorry to say that there is not set ritual.. ceremony .. life experience ..
or certain age that the awakening will happen. The awakening will happen
when the time is right and when you are ready.

You might say, “Oh I am ready now”, so I will do ceremony on next full moon
and from that point on I will be awake.. quiet giggle… I won’t say that it
won’t work. What I am saying is that it will work only if it is time and you
are TRULY ready .. so don’t give up ..  just continue the journey as you are
guided and learn to trust your inner senses.

The awakening process is a long and often painful one.. again, I will say …
well worth the effort.. 🙂

Many blessings to all


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