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Today I speak about becoming and not becoming. Our spirits have lived for a very long time. The voice inside you that is always whispering to you .. that’s your spirit!  We are born knowing who we are and in the conditioning of Earthly, human life we lose that knowledge and then spend the rest of our lives trying to find who we already are.

Many Blessings,

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Finding Yourself

We were all born knowing who we are. Over the process of growing up, we have all of these outside influences telling us who we are and who we should be… parents, family, friends and teachers all telling us who we are and what we should be doing. We loose our own truth. Years later we get to a point in our lives where we find ourselves wondering what happened. We ask ourselves… How did I get here? Who am I? What do I want? It’s confusing to say the least. We then have to go through the painful process of figuring it all out again. Find the things that light your soul on fire and you will find your true self.

Many Blessings,

Falling in Love

A dear friend of mine posted a picture of a loving young couple and stated that “2015 is going to be the year I fall in love again… Onward and upward Its coming.. its my turn. I can feel it”. (Thank you Januarie for the inspiration)

My instant response to her post was, “I’m going to fall back in love with me!”.

For years I have taken to heart all the terrible things others have said and done to me. I have allowed these words and actions to get stuck in my head, swirling around like a vicious tornado, destroying every positive thought that appeared. I allowed this. These are important words “I ALLOWED THIS”. I would tell myself all the time that I was not what they made me feel like. Their words and actions are a reflection of them and not me. I would repeat these things to myself all the time and yet their negative words and actions still swirled around in my head, leaving me feeling sad, hurt, alone, ugly, useless, undesirable, etc.

I knew these things they said and did were not really about me, so why were they so stuck in my head? Why couldn’t I get them out? Why was I hanging on to them? That’s it! I held on to those words and actions, I was the one who could not let them go. Why? I’m guessing a multitude of reasons, dating back to my earliest memories as a child. I know I wasn’t born to feel this way, so it must have been a million little things throughout my lifetime that just gathered like dust under grandma’s old dresser, that over time built ilovemeup into the largest, scariest dust bunny anyone has ever seen!

2015 is the year I begin learning how to love myself again. I’m going back to the day I was born. Fresh and new to the world without all the crap others left at my door. I’m no longer a collector of their shit. I am falling in love this year and it’s going to be the best happily ever after in history. I’ll be falling back in love with myself. Loving every imperfect inch of me, flesh and bone, body, mind and spirit. I’m going to love every gift, every fault, every thing that I am. I will own it and I will love it! I will love me! Once and for all I WILL LOVE ME!

This is my gift to myself this year… TRUE LOVE… HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

Many Blessings,


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The Secret

garden path
How does one find their path?
How do we go about exploring ourselves?
How do we know which path to take?
How do we find understanding?
How do we let go?
How do we move forward?
How do we know we have made the right choices?
How do we find ourselves?
How do we …… ?

It all begins with patience. I know that isn’t the answer you were hoping for but that IS the answer.

We first must practice being patient with ourselves. Pushing or forcing answers to come into light never really works. To find what’s right … we often have to experience what’s wrong and this takes time.

Learn to first listen to your intuition. Your gut instincts will lead you down the correct path.   I know it’s not as easy as it sounds. We often question every inch of those gut feelings we get. Worried that our wishes and fears are getting in the way … we convince ourselves that those feelings are false.

Start off trusting small things and soon you will find yourself fully trusting YOURSELF!

Life gets easier and more manageable when we find that ability to trust our own intuition.

Many Blessings,

What Have You Got To Lose?

Have you pondered at all about what is it exactly that you are searching for when you are off “Finding Yourself”?

Are we searching for what we want? What we like? Who  we are exactly? Inside and Out?

I imagine it is more of a balance that we are looking for. A balance of all things to give us that feeling of fullness. Too much of anything, throws one of course and off kilter. That balance thing is a hard one to accomplish. Not sure I have ever found it myself… but I do keep trying.

I heard a great quote: someone was saying that they didn’t know how go about seeking their inner self and another was going to try and help them find their course. The unknowing one said “What have I got to lose?” and the other replied with ” just your unhappiness.”

That was one of those quotes that hit you straight in the face with a nod and a full understanding of the moment and a new awareness of your own feelings.

Just some food for thought … 🙂

Many Blessings,

Awakening To Your True Self

Lets talk today about Awakening to your true self..

These are my thoughts alone so please don’t think I am saying that any of this
is ultimate truth for all.. because we all need to find our own truths .. and
that indeed is a part of awakening to the true self.

I feel as though we are born to be a certain person … or at least a
particular type person .. we are all born with particular gifts and it is for
us to find those gifts and develop them .. and then take them out into the
world and share them.

As we develop and grow we try on many faces. Hoping to find one that really
fits and feels right.

Awakening to our true self is identifying the face that needs no mask.
Identifying with your own soul .. finding the true you .. and then allowing
that person to be free.

Awakening causes us to put down our masks and be true to not just all that come
in contact with us but also true to ourselves.

We must awaken to the gifts we have been given and we must put them to use.

We must stop finding faults within and stop holding ourselves back with self
created fears and doubts.

We must find love for ourselves and then that love is free to pour out into the

Be proud and not ashamed of who you are.

Be strong and hold your head high. Do not allow the ideas and thoughts of
others make you hide your gifts or any other part of who you truly are.

Awakening to true self gives you freedom from such negative thoughts others may
project onto you.

Awakening to true self  … makes you aware of not only your surroundings in
the world.. but also to your own thoughts, actions and gifts.

When you are truly awake .. you see the world with new eyes … like the fog
has been lifted and suddenly things start becoming clear.

It’s not something that happens overnight, so don’t sit there expecting that to

I’m sorry to say that there is not set ritual.. ceremony .. life experience ..
or certain age that the awakening will happen. The awakening will happen
when the time is right and when you are ready.

You might say, “Oh I am ready now”, so I will do ceremony on next full moon
and from that point on I will be awake.. quiet giggle… I won’t say that it
won’t work. What I am saying is that it will work only if it is time and you
are TRULY ready .. so don’t give up ..  just continue the journey as you are
guided and learn to trust your inner senses.

The awakening process is a long and often painful one.. again, I will say …
well worth the effort.. 🙂

Many blessings to all