Today I speak about becoming and not becoming. Our spirits have lived for a very long time. The voice inside you that is always whispering to you .. that’s your spirit!  We are born knowing who we are and in the conditioning of Earthly, human life we lose that knowledge and then spend the rest of our lives trying to find who we already are.

Many Blessings,

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Just Be Yourself

 Don’t allow outside forces to destroy who YOU are or allow them to take the light from inside you .. 

Be who you are without fear ..

 We are happiest when we don’t have to hide or mask the true us ..  when we are allowed the freedom to be exactly who we are without criticism and without fear of other looking at us with the tilted head and disapproving look on their faces..

 I have learned that those type of people exist no matter where you are or where you go or who you chose to be…. There is always someone out there that won’t agree with everything you do.. or everything you are about..

 Be yourself and don’t worry about what if someone doesn’t like this or that .. what if I look foolish .. what if I fail.. what if it doesn’t work exactly as planned .. what if.. what if… what if ….

 I know from experience those what ifs are the true killer.. everyday you don’t do something that you truly wish to do .. those what ifs eat away at you .. and your mind takes you on a nasty journey of self doubt

 Now please .. do use common sense when living your life and making choices.. don’t do those things that you know may hurt someone else in some way .. or that may hurt yourself..

 Just follow your heart and be true to who you are inside 

Follow your truest dreams and don’t worry about what if

 You never know .. some of those dreams may just come true

as my favorite quote says:

 Only the ones who believe,
Ever see what they dream
Ever dream what comes true….

Many Blessings,

What Calls You?

finch Today’s message ….. well… here you go…

Don’t worry about what or who others want you to be or what they think you should be … BE YOU

Don’t constrict yourself with thoughts of … I’m suppose to be this or that … allow your given gifts to surface and be the best YOU that you can be.

When you stop trying so hard to become .. you realize you already are.

There is something in all of us that we are guided toward more than anything else… take that and allow yourself to be open to whatever it is that calls to you… build on it and be the best that you can …


I did not say  “BE THE BEST”  I said “be the best YOU that YOU can be”

All we can ever aim to do is the best that we as individuals can do…

No need to worry about competing with the Jones’

Focus more on developing what you are drawn to most and not only will you be happier doing it .. you will flourish!

Many Blessings,