Standing Still

Today I want to speak about standing still within so that we can learn more about ourselves. Stepping back to clearly see yourself and how you behave and how you react to life’s many situations.

How many times do we speak when we should have stayed quiet ?
How many times have we taken a leap when we should have stood still?
How many times did we think we saw something that just wasn’t there?
There are so many ways that we learn about self… these are just a few.

The key is learning how to find that place in yourself where you can stop, stand still for a moment and really see clearly .. so that we may not make that leap if it is not needed.. so that we may be able to keep our words quiet until they need to be heard .. and so that we may see things as they are and not how we think they are or how fear would like us to see them or how we wish they were.

It takes time and practice and lots of self discipline to learn about standing still within yourself. Maybe take a few minutes a day to try it at different times throughout your day. Take that time and learn about that place within you. .. get to know it… feel it… love it and you may find that often you will go back to it withmore ease each time you visit.

So lets all take a moment now to sit in the stillness within to have a more clarity of our lives and of ourselves.

Many Blessings,

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