Tormenting Ourselves

Why do we torment ourselves? What does it accomplish? We are indeed our own worst enemy. We allow unhealthy thoughts to take up space in our minds. When we focus on these negative thoughts we begin to manifest them. It’s time to change your mind and move into positive thinking!

Many Blessings,

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Let it Go… Truly Let it Go!

Whatever it is in life that has caused you pain… let it go. Right now, this minute release it. You no longer need to hold on to it. It’s in the past and you no longer live there. The years you have spent telling yourself you have let it go, let that go as well. The lies you’ve told yourself, saying that you are okay, yep, let those go too. The reasoning, the guilt, the pain, the torment, the memories, the denial, the feeling that you needed to pay for your mistakes, the story of it all… let it all go. Truly, once and for all… LET Whatever IT is… GO! Don’t, for one more minute let it hold you back from living, from loving, from believing, from wishing, from hoping, from doing, from becoming! Don’t allow it one more second to steal away your happiness, your peace and your life. Just LET IT GO!

If you must… stand outside in the rain and allow it to be washed away from your being and then stand in the sunlight and allow yourself to be consumed with the light of healing. It’s okay to be okay. It’s okay to let the pain go. There is no need to wear it like a badge. I doubt the lessons will ever be forgotten, but the pain is no longer needed… so let it go.

We tell ourselves so many lies and the biggest being that we are okay with how things are, how they have been and how they may continue to be. We find ourselves just getting by. We tell ourselves that we have let stuff go that we clearly have not. We tell ourselves and everyone else that we are okay, when deep inside we still feel that same ol’ pain.

The first step we must take now is by telling ourselves the truth.  The truth that part of our past still haunts us and that we have not actually let any of it go.

So here I am, taking the first step… I have spent my life holding on to a number of bad memories, a number of bad experiences and a number of bad choices. Afraid that I would repeat the past, I have held on to these things, not because I wanted to, but because I didn’t want them to come back around. Having them felt like a report card showing I passed that class, meaning I wouldn’t have to repeat it again. So, I held on without realizing I was holding on.

Today…. I begin the process of truly letting it all go. There is no actual class for life or for living. There is no report card at the end of it all that shows how well I did or didn’t do… there is only a life lived. How well that life is lived is up to me. It’s time to start truly living, it’s time to let go.

Many Blessings,

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The Rebuild

Inspired by a video that my dear friend Olivia Kemp posted on my Facebook wall this morning.. I feel drawn to write a bit about rebuilding. Rebuilding ourselves.

Okay Olivia .. you asked for it .. so here it goes!

Life can be harsh and people even more so. For those who have been bullied as children and adults… it’s not just school age children that play the part of the bully. The bully can be a school mate, a spouse, a parent, a boss, a co-worker or even a stranger. The damage left behind from the torment that a bully lays upon us can be life changing, devastational and ever so difficult to get over and move past.

Once we have been able to remove ourselves from this destructive person, we have to then start working on the rebuild. We must find a way to repair and rebuild ourselves and the damage that has been done to our heart, our mind and our soul. We don’t want to continue carrying around with us this pain, so we must work to rid it from our lives.

Step 1 is understanding that the things that were said were not about you .. it was always about them. The acts that were done to you was not about how good or bad you are but how they felt about themselves.

Step 2 is understanding that no matter how great you were, how much you loved the other person, the kindness that you tried to show them or anything that you did or did not do .. it wasn’t and still isn’t your place to change them or heal them. They must find the change and healing within themselves.

Step 3 is understanding that you have value. No matter what was ever done or said to you by another.. you DO have value.

Step 4 is knowing who you are and who you aren’t. ( you aren’t a doormat, you aren’t bad, you aren’t the names someone else calls you, you aren’t the pain they are fighting)

Step 5 is to continue growing, learning, living, loving and understanding yourself.

Step 6... keep walking forward.

Step 7 … smile, for you are of great value and you are a survivor!

I hope this blog finds you all well and on the way to recovery..

Many Blessings,

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Oh the Torment

What torments us can vary from huge assortment of issues that life can bring to the table. What torments us most however, is ourselves. Yep, we are the bully as well as the victim.

Take a good look at your way of thinking and doing and take note of which are not needed in your life. At some point there may have been a need for particular thoughts and behaviors, but are they still needed in your life today? Take another look at those thoughts and behaviors and why and how they began. Were they created solely from fear? Were they really needed then and are they needed now?

Well that’s all the food for thought I have for you today…

Many Blessings,