How to Live a Magical Life

hawkThe common person thinks of wand waving mystical types when one starts talking about magic and living in a magical world…. they think of bibbity bobbity boo and mysterious incantations …   but that’s not it at all.

To live a magical life .. one must do one thing…. LOVE.

There is no need for props, fancy words, wicked clothing or any of the such… one must simply… love.

With all that you do… do it with a heart filled with love:

See the world with love
Walk your path with love
Connect with others … with love
Listen with a heart of love
Treat yourself with love
Allow all of your actions to be done from the heart and with love and care

Once you are able to master that …. you’ll see that your world has been magical all the while. Nothing else was ever needed… just pure and simple … LOVE.

Many Blessings,

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