It’s Your Dream

starfish dream catcherWhat is it you dream? Whether it be fluttering thoughts throughout the day that just will not leave you or those night time dreams that embrace you while you slumber… what is it that you dream?

What are you wishes? Your most sacred of desires? What is it that you really want from the inside out? What are your wishes?

What are your desires? What is that feeling burning deep within your soul? What are those thoughts that leave you feeling empty until this desire is fulfilled? What are your desires?

We all have those thoughts of something else inside us. Something we are meant to do… something we are destined to at least try. These thoughts fill our waking and sleeping moments… the question is: are you walking toward those thoughts or are you backing away from them?

Ask yourself this question and then ask yourself why? No matter the answer you give … ask why. Why are you walking toward this ? … Why aren’t you?

Now that you asked yourself these important questions.. I’m sure you now know what to do next.

Many Blessings,

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