Day: January 8, 2013

Getting Back Up

seagullIt is born inside us, the drive to get back up after we have fallen.

Watch as a baby first begins to to learn how to crawl. They push themselves up by their arms and one knee at a time they raise up… and then the inevitable slip of a knee happens and they find themselves back on their tummy. A baby doesn’t just give up at that moment… something inside them says “I can do this” and they try again and again until they master crawling. It begins again when they try to walk for the first time. And again as they learn to speak.. to read .. etc.

We were born knowing “WE CAN” … it isn’t within us that idea of giving up… that is something we tell ourselves when we are afraid to succeed.

Many Blessings,

Singing a New Tune

raven at stonehengeI was just making myself a cup of tea and as I was waiting for the water to boil I found myself humming. It’s no surprise I sing, hum and whistle a lot! What was different, was the tune that I was humming. Most of the time I find myself singing, humming or whistling the same hand full of  tunes… but this morning it was a tune I had not heard myself hum before. This new tune made me think about the new year and the possibilities ahead.

I thought … “A new year… a new tune! Awesome!”

I leave you with just one thought to ponder today:

In the months to come will you be singing that same old tune you’ve always sang or will you be singing something new?

Many Blessings,