Day: January 7, 2013

When in England…

english countryside

When in England…..

One must stop regularly for tea and coffee.

One must see the countryside.

A pub visit is a definite!

Beware of the English Mustard.. it may very well take your tongue off!

One must try crumpets.. they are absolutely lovely!

To experience England truly,  you have got to step outside of London.

Mind the Gap!

Be sure to visit Devon… it’s a wonderful area in all seasons.

You will get wet… no matter the season 🙂

Don’t forget to try the sausage rolls!

Ice is optional

It’s always around the round about.

Biscuits are dipped in your tea and coffee not the gravy.

Everything is about tradition

Fish n’ chips .. yes please!

Chips are crisps and fries are chips!

It’s best to do as the natives do… slow down.. sit for tea and enjoy your stay.

Many Blessings,