At a Stand Still

guardian angel 2You know that feeling where you are dangling around … not moving forward.. not moving backward.. just dangling there in one place?

You don’t really feel stuck and yet you kind of do.

It’s a sense that you aren’t suppose to be “doing” at that moment .. it is your time to pause.  It’s as if you are waiting for the clock to tic over to that magical moment when life will suddenly start moving again.

There is work to be done and you know the work… you are not afraid of doing the work … but something has you on hold. Something has you stuck on pause. The thing is, you know it won’t last and that the play button will soon be pressed.

When this feeling comes over you and you find yourself dangling … understand that the universe is lining things up just so … so that everything comes together as it should.

Many Blessings,

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